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KMG Modalities

Flexible. Customizable. Turnkey.

Mobile Imaging Concierge™

KMG. Your Mobile Imaging Concierge.™

It’s time to transform your mobile imaging experience today!

KMG Fixed and Interim Medical Imaging

Short-Term or Long-Term. Either Way, It’s on Your Terms.

Every facility has different needs, budgets and patient bases. We’ll work with you to determine what solutions are best for you and your operations.

Mobile MRI and Mobile CT Fleet
Mobile MRI and Mobile CT Fleet

Interim Imaging

Just because you don’t have the room or budget to build a full MRI, CT or PET/CT suite does not mean you can’t have those capabilities at your facility. Our Interim Medical Imaging solutions are completely mobile, can be parked and set up just about anywhere, and can remain at your facility for as long as you need them – be it a few days or a few weeks.

Fixed Base Imaging

When you’re ready to show the world you’ve arrived, you’re ready for our Fixed Base Medical Imaging solutions. Whether you need a permanent suite or a modular external structure for MRI, CT or PET/CT capabilities, our full array of turnkey options will have you covered from planning and construction, to equipment purchasing and staffing.

MRI Upgrades Siemens Installations
MRI Upgrades Siemens Installations

KMG Expert Services

Without the Right Support, Everything Falls Down.

The secret to having a highly efficient, profitable imaging capability at your facility is the support you have around it. From analyzing, planning and creating your Interim or Fixed Base solutions to helping with financing, staffing and marketing, KMG is delivering a clear image of what service should be.

I have worked with several mobile imaging vendors in the past; however, my experience with KMG in acquiring a mobile unit on short term notice to cover in-house equipment repair has been the cleanest, most simplified process I have been involved with. I would highly recommend KMG.

KMG Assessment

Don’t Hope for Success. Plan for It.

The future success of your MRI, CT or PET/CT imaging site is determined long before the first scan is even scheduled. It starts by having a solid plan. Our professionals will come to your facility to conduct a full customized assessment before you spend a single dime – ensuring you receive the best products and optimal patient workflow possible. Modular, Interim or Fixed In-House, we’ll help you realize your vision with creative, innovative ideas and solutions.

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About KMG

We Care About Everything. After All, We’re All Owners.

Since we’re an ESOP, we all have the power to do what it takes to make your experience the best possible. That means quick answers. Complete solutions. Full attention. It’s a difference you’ll see, feel and appreciate.