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A Day in the Life: The KMG Family

Three weeks ago, I started working with Kings Medical Group. Through my experience I am confident this is one of the greatest companies out there! KMG values commitment to customers, innovation, leadership and teamwork. Their goal is to help make a positive impact on the health of patients and help facilities improve their bottom line nation-wide. Every employee is an owner at KMG, ultimately creating an environment where all voices and ideas are heard. Frequent team get-togethers, all-hands meetings, stock options and work-life balance are a few of the ways management supports career development. Most important, in the past three weeks, I discovered KMG encourages fun! Below I want to share with you a day in the life with the KMG Medical Imaging Family.

Week One: A Day in the Life

In most jobs, the first week is often the most stressful… onboarding documents, selecting employee benefits, VPN set up, and understanding the product line. Nonetheless, that was not my experience the first week! Day one started with a team zoom call. Right from the get-go I was able to put faces to names and gain a better understanding of who I will be corresponding with on a daily basis. Our team call lasted 2 hours! I am pretty sure I learned everyone’s personal background story and social security number by the end of the call. It was an instant family connection!

On day three, I was given the opportunity to be part of a mobile delivery. They put me on a flight to Houston so I could see what a delivery day consisted of. No better way to learn about the product then to jump into the deep end, right? Thankfully, Zach was there to help mentor me throughout the entire delivery process. It turned out to be a great hands-on learning experience!

A Day In The Life

Week 2: ICE Conference

In the wake of a successful first week, was an even better week two. The sales team headed down to Ft. Lauderdale for the 2021 ICE Imaging Conference & Expo. This three-day event consisted of educational luncheons, poolside meetings, several new connections and oodles of free koozies. Talk about being in my element… there is nothing I enjoy more than meeting new people! I was thrilled to man the booth and watch as my fellow sales colleagues put smiles on each and every attendee’s face. Whether they were talking about sports or a new interim solution, each person that stopped by KMG’s booth left with a memorable experience! That’s truly what KMG is all about: Building Relationships.

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”

The KMG Family

As you can see, the atmosphere working with KMG is fun and rewarding! There is a small company feel that ultimately creates an environment of success. KMG is a group of like-minded individuals who care about what matters most – helping others. The sincere character each employee upholds is what makes this company so unique. I am honored to be apart of the KMG family and I hope we get the opportunity to work with you soon!

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