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Medical Imaging Equipment Providers KMG Team

A Strong Team That Will Fight For You!

Our Strong Team is Our Family!

Whether it was hockey, baseball. golf or backyard wiffle ball, I always wanted to be on a strong team. A team that you would fight for (and even bleed for, when necessary). Moving into the work force, I wanted to be part of a team like that. A team that values what you bring to the table and wants to see you succeed. The kind of team that turns into your second family. A group of people that inspire you, enhance your drive for excellence, and ultimately make you a better person! I was lucky enough to find that team with KMG. A family that pushes me to succeed, but also values your time and efforts. SInce I have started, each team member treats me with respect and love! The KMG team is a tight knit family and we get stronger week by week.

KMG Conference Team

Strong Team, Family
Sales Team (2020): Zach Johnson and Eric Evans with Eric Jacobs, KMG Design & Marketing Guru!

One of our favorite places to get together is at imaging conferences, year to year. Not only do we reach out and connect with new customers, but we get to catch up and enjoy time together. Building relationships and trusting each other is key to a strong team. During the next conference, make sure to find our booth to have a little fun and join the KMG family for the week!

The Focus is You

Our KMG family is a strong motivated group looking provide the best service to customers and ultiamtely help them reach their goals. We want to see you succeed in your next project. From our CEO to the technologists, we are here for you! If you are interested in working with an imaging team like KMG on your next project, please give us a call!

Interested in finding out more……

Our team is standing by waiting for a call/email. Please give me a call at 612-757-6714 or fill out our simple questionnaire and one of our Account Executives will reach out to and help you with your future mobile needs!

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