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Mobile CT: Siemens Sensation 64

A 64-slice Siemens Sensation is one of the most popular CT units in the imaging industry. KMG has a large mobile fleet with multiple Siemens units to choose from. This specific mobile CT is a 64 slice Siemens Sensation, with top of the line software and ancillary equipment. All of KMG’s mobile CT units are available to lease short-term or long-term, depending on your facilities needs.


This mobile CT Siemens Sensation comes with VB42 B Syngo, XR29 software and Tower 9B2 ICS and IRS3 Cabinet Data Acquisition System.

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Other Features of Mobile CT

Ancillary Equipment

  • MEDRAD Stellant D Injector
  • Patient/Technologist Intercom & Sound System throughout mobile CT trailer
  • (2) Ergonomic technologist chairs
  • Portable Handwash Sink
  • Step Stool, lead apron & wall mount holder

Mobile CT Control Room

mobile ct

This Mobile CT Siemens Sensation comes with a control room equipped with the Siemens computer system, a large desk space, ergonomic chairs, stereo system and scan room window for technologists.

Changing Area

This mobile CT has a patient-friendly changing and holding room. This unit is designed with updated decor and furniture.

Mobile CT Trailer:

  • 8.5ft x 53ft Medical Coach
  • Large Changing/Holding Room with lockers
  • Dual side slide-outs
  • Patient Lift with flip-up awning & stairs

Our mobile Siemens Sensation is an excellent solution for your facility! Whether you need a short-term lease while upgrading the in-house scanner; or experiencing patient backlog and looking for a secondary solution, KMG is your medical imaging equipment provider!

Equipment Service:

  • M-F 8am-5pm, extended hours optional
  • National 24/7 Call Center with 30 min. call back

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