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Mobile MRI: Siemens Symphony 4 CH

If you are looking for a Mobile MRI Siemens Symphony that will take care of your imaging needs, you need to call KMG. Our 4 Channel Siemens Symphony MRI is a cost-effective mobile solution that can be ready at a moments notice. The mobile will come with a full-service contract, coil package listed below, and much more.

Siemens Symphony Coils:

  • Head
  • Neck
  • Large & Small Flex
  • Flex Coil Interface
  • Spine
  • Body
  • Body Array Extender
  • Extremity
  • Peripheral Angio


The mobile MRI comes with NUMARIS/4 Syngo MR A35 software package. There are other MRI software features that come with the unit giving your techs more abilities. If interested in finding out more about this system, reach out to one of our KMG Account Executives.

Other Features:

IT Connections

During your rental you will want to connect the unit to your PACS. The Mobile MRI will have CAT5 connections below the belly of the trailer. This unit is equipped with two connections that can be connected to your hospital port.  If you need more connections, please let your sales rep or operations manager know prior to the mobile arriving.

MRI Injector

The mobile Siemens Symphony also comes with a MEDRAD Solaris Injector & arm rest. Prior to leasing the mobile it is always smart to ask your sales rep for the syringe order number. This will help you make sure you have the correct syringes for the injector.

Mobile MRI Lift Gate

Our mobile mri is equipped with a lift gate that allows patients and staff to access the system without climbing stairs. We recommend all personal, staff members and patients to use the lift gate to ensure safety while entering our system. A KMG team member will walk you through this process during our delivery of the mobile mri system!

Control Room

The Siemens Symphony Mobile MRI comes with a spectacular control room equipped with the Siemens computer system, a large desk space, chairs and stereo system. The picture above is an example of how a recent hospital used the extra counter space for their equipment.

Changing Area

It is always nice to have a place for your patients to change. A changing curtain that is near the entrance of the mobile will provide just that. The curtain gives you enough space for one person to quickly change.

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