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Siemens Avanto Control Room

Mobile Safe Gurneys & Wheelchairs

As you are planning for your MRI or CT upgrade, there are many things to touch on prior to delivery such as mobile safe gurneys and wheelchairs. One way to help prepare is by downloading our mobile interim site planning guide. This will help you on your way to an interim mobile victory!

System Spec Sheet

Prior to signing the agreement, you should have received a quote or a system spec sheet that lays out all of the items included on the mobile system. It is important to note that not all systems have a mobile safe gurney or wheelchair on board. In some cases, KMG will have one in storage that can be added to the mobile before delivery. Please consult with your KMG account representative if needed.

Gurney Size

The mobile suite scan room on the trailer can be a bit tight. The gurneys and wheelchairs that are sometimes supplied are similar to the ones you would see on an ambulance. A hospital bed/gurney and some wheelchairs used may not fit through the doorway into the scan room. Below are photos of both items that you may see on a system that are considered to be mobile safe gurneys and wheelchairs.

Mobile Safe Wheelchair that will work on a mobile
Mobile Safe Wheelchair
Mobile safe gurney that will fit on a mobile
Mobile Safe Gurney

Wheelchair & Gurney Trial Run

It is always recommended to go through a trial run with both items prior to your first patient. During the delivery of your mobile system, your KMG representative would be happy to go through this with you as your practice patient. We are always here to help make sure that you are well prepared to create the best patient experience on the mobile.

Pre-Delivery Process

For more information on how the pre-delivery process works, fill out the information below! A KMG representative will reach out to you right away! Together we can make a difference!

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