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Time for a Change: The KMG Difference

Feeling Stuck

When you think of your future, you typically picture yourself in a career where you are happy and thriving. In my previous career, I found myself stuck. I was fearful to leave a company that I had been with for nearly 7 years of my life since I didn’t really know anything different at that point. My hard work was taken advantage of on a regular basis. I soon found myself simply clocking into my job, trudging through my day, and clocking out. There was no sense of purpose or worth. My husband continually asked me… why do you stay? Over the years, I always had some kind of rebuttal. But eventually- I had nothing to respond with. This was not somewhere I could stay. I was drained- mentally and emotionally. It was time for a change.

An Opportunity

I remember having Zach (long time best friend of my husband) over for dinner and while we were eating, he hits me with the question “If you could describe your perfect/ideal job, what would it be?” It caught me by surprise and made me think. After a little while, I told him I wanted to simply work for a company that cared about me as a person. I will always bust my butt as an employee, but I was tired of working for a company that would replace me within days of me leaving as if I didn’t hold any value. His next response was, what about KMG? What about KMG. For a second, I was like “uh I really am not familiar with mobile imaging”. He responds with “but you know marketing and I know about the industry”. Next thing you know, I found myself on a video chat with our CEO, Kim. I was beyond nervous to talk with her considering this is a whole new ballpark for me and she really had NO idea who I was other than Zach’s friend. Within about two minutes of talking with Kim, I felt like I had known her my whole life. It was beyond evident how much she loves and cares for each of her employees and will do ANYTHING to protect them and support them. She is truly one of the most genuine people I have ever met in my life. She works harder than anyone and will not stop until everyone around her is taken care of. Ask any KMG employee and they will tell you the same. She is one of the good ones!

A New Beginning

I knew at that point; this was going to be it for me. Making the switch to KMG was the best decision I could have ever made. I work with some of the most kind and brilliant people all under our fearless CEO. The support I have received thus far has been immeasurable. I have felt more valued as part of the KMG family in a few months than I ever did in my 7 years at my other company. I am now a better mom and a better wife and feel like I have my life back. You cannot put a price tag on that.

A new beginning for my kids.
My sweet boys: Maverick and Decker

The KMG Difference

When you do business with KMG, you can be sure that you are truly getting the very best people on your side. Your experience will be unique. We do not offer your basic cookie-cutter services and solutions. They are state of the art services of uncompromising quality from people who truly care about you, love what they do and what they are a part of here at KMG. That is the KMG difference.

Time for a change? Fill out our contact for below to learn the ways that KMG will go above and beyond for you!

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