Dog Days of Summer- Woofgang & Barkley

woofgang & barkley

Hi! My name is Woofgang.  I am the yellow one on the left.  The guy on my left is my half-brother Barkley.   Even though I am 6 months younger than my brother I do most of the talking around here.  That is just the way it has been since I arrived on the scene.  I […]

KMG Wishes You A Happy 4th of July!

4th of july

Our KMG family wants to wish everyone out there a Happy 4th of July. We love our team, but believe the root of our success starts with our families at home. We are all thankful for the love and support they provide to help us do our job. When we are not leasing out our […]

Dog Days of Summer- Payton

Payton, Dog days of summer

Hi! My name is Payton. But you can call me P, Pay, lil mama, or Payton Pennilope. That’s what my mom likes to call me when I’m bad.  I am what you would call a little… feisty. No other animal steps foot inside my palace without my permission. Grrrr….. Afterall, I must protect my parents […]

Dog Days of Summer – Tiny but Mighty

tiny but mighty

Tiny is definitely an appropriate name for me and I don’t really mind that my BFF gave it to me.  I am Tiny but Mighty barely weighing in at 5lbs may make me seem like a pushover, but I can sure stand up tall, ears and tail raised, with a bark that lets everyone know […]

Mobile MRI Service What to Know?

Mobile MRI Service What to Know

One of the big questions many have before they bring in a mobile is….How is the mobile mri serviced during the lease? Mobile systems can be service by OEM(Original Equipment Manufacture) or a 3rd party service provider. Either way they, are handled with care and are very similar to your fixed service team. Below are […]

Dog Days of Summer- Life Of Lou!

Dog Days of Summer- Life Of Lou

Woof! Hello everyone. My name is Lou Lou Potatoes. A little ridiculous I know. I have ADD and I am sure I will get side tracked as I give you a little bit about the Life of Lou! You may think I look like a Tiger as you see my cool stripes and most days […]

4 advantages of leasing your In-house MRI

advantages of leasing your In-house MRI

Purchasing or leasing an in-house MRI can be one of the largest capital expenditures Medical Facilities face today. Here are 4 advantages of leasing your in-house MRI. 1. Initial down payment When exercising the leasing model, there is little to zero initial down payment. This not only includes your new MRI system, but also includes […]

A Strong Team That Will Fight For You!

A Strong Team That Will Fight For You

Our Strong Team is Our Family! Whether it was hockey, baseball or back yard wiffle ball, I always wanted to be on a close and strong team. A team that you would fight for and even bleed for you when necessary. Moving into the work force, I still wanted to work with and be a […]

How much does a mobile MRI Cost?

How much does a mobile MRI Cost

As you prepare for your Interim MRI upgrade you probably are trying to guage how much a mobile mri will cost you? I am here to help give you an idea based on a few simple factors. The 4 factors that you need to think about are system, time frame, staffing and delivery. 1.System The […]

Top Reasons Mobile Imaging Can Help You

Mobile Imaging

As a mobile provider, KMG wants to help you keep your patients in a comfortable state of mind. We look for ways to help hospitals, imaging centers and other facilities with our mobile imaging units. Our fleet is designed to help give you options to pick from such as different OEM’s, New or Old Equipment […]

Three Reasons to Consider Adding Mobile MRI Service to Your Hospital

KMG Mobile MRI

Three Reasons To Think Mobile MRI Everybody likes a good investment. How do you tell if a mobile MRI is the way to go? This decision has a lot to do with your hospital’s individual situation, but it’s important to understand why a mobile unit would work for you – logistically and financially. 1. Mobile […]

9 Steps to a Successful Imaging Equipment Upgrade

KMG Equipment Upgrade

Upgrading a major piece of imaging equipment such as an MRI, CT or PET/CT is an investment that can improve operations, maximize profitability and increase patient and physician satisfaction. Yet any upgrade project is a challenge, rife with potential pitfalls. A well-executed imaging equipment upgrade can save time, reduce costs, and significantly minimize disruption in […]