Mobile MRI: Siemens Espree 18 CH

If you are looking for a Mobile MRI Siemens Espree that will take care of your imaging needs, you need to call KMG. Our 18 Channel Siemens Espree MRI is a high field large bore mobile solution that can be ready at a moments notice. It has a 70cm bore that is large enough for […]

Mobile CT: Siemens Sensation 64 Slice

Siemens Sensation Mobile CT Medical Coach

If you are looking for a Siemens Sensation for your imaging center, get in touch with KMG. Our 64 slice Siemens Sensation CT is an ideal mobile solution for every facility! This beautifully designed mobile CT is newly renovated with updated floors, walls, decor, and software system. The Siemens Sensation is one of the most popular […]

Mobile MRI: Siemens Symphony 8 CH

mobile mri long term lease

If you are looking for a mobile Siemens Symphony for your imaging center, get in touch with KMG. Our 8 Channel Siemens Symphony MRI is a cost effective mobile solution that is great for routine clinical use. With a patient-friendly design, the mobile MRI will come with a full service contract, coil package listed below […]

Mobile MRI: Siemens Espree 32 CH

Siemens Espree 32 CH

If you are looking for a Mobile MRI Siemens Espree 32 CH that will take care of your imaging needs, you need to call KMG. Our 32 Channel Siemens Espree MRI is a wide bore mobile solution that can be ready at a moments notice. It has a 70cm bore that allows for larger or […]

Mobile MRI: Siemens Espree 18 CH

Mobile Espree

If you are looking for a Mobile Siemens Espree that will take care of your imaging needs, KMG has you covered. With multiple Siemens systems in our fleet, we have the best mobile solution to fit your needs. Our 18-Channel Siemens Espree is a wide bore mobile solution that can be ready at a moments […]

Hot Days & Cold Heads: MRI System Solutions

Mobile MR Set Up

Summer is here, the weather is heating up, and many facilities might be experiencing issues with their cold head unit. This article will help you identify whether it is time to replace the cold head or simply upgrade the entire MRI system: Hot Days & Cold Heads. What is a Cold Head? First off, the […]

Moving From A Mobile Route To A Fixed Mobile MRI System

MRI Costs for Parked Mobile Unit

As a former account executive who sold mobile route services, one of the major issues hospitals dealt with was the ability to expand. Most mobile imaging companies have to fill their routes completely to be profitable. This limits your ability to add scanning days. Starting your services with a one day a week option is […]

Buying DynaCad Breast Imaging Software

Medical Imaging Upgrades to Dynacad

Recently, our KMG team installed another DynaCad Breast Imaging Analysis System at a longtime Fixed MRI customers hospital. After almost a decade, the old unit at the hospital had finally failed. It was a computer system that was not cloud based and could be considered a unit from the stone age. We decided it was […]

Looking To Buy A New In House MRI: Choose Kings Medical Group

MRI Lease In Hospital Advantages

It is that time of year and new imaging systems are on the rise! Are you looking for your one stop shop imaging company to handle your New MRI Installation? Kings Medical Group will help you plan your project, select your new in house MRI and manage the entire project from start to finish! Continue […]

Medical Imaging Solutions: Mobile and Fixed Imaging

Mobile MRI trailer

Are you interested in finding a NEW partner to help you with your imaging project? Take a quick view of the video below. You will see how KMG can help you find your next mobile or fixed imaging system. From the early planning stages to providing a mobile unit, our team will provide support from […]

MRI Advantages 1.5T Vs. 3T MRI: One Size Does Not Fit All

mri base solutions

Looking at MRI advantages and determining which MRI equipment is the best choice for your hospital or imaging center can be a complex undertaking. Advances in MRI technology have drastically improved imaging quality, speed and safety. But is a faster MRI better, and at what cost? 3T MRIs typically cost twice as much as 1.5T […]

What Comes With a Mobile MRI Lease?

MRI Costs for Parked Mobile Unit

Over the years we have leased out many mobile systems. One of the main questions our customers have is what comes with the mobile mri lease? What coils and other equipment is on the unit? Below is some basic info to help you find out what is standard on the unit. Coils Included With Mobile […]

KMG Family Hopes You Had A Great Thanksgiving!


As we all continue to spend countless hours at home during this crazy time. Our KMG family hopes you had a great turkey day! We love our families and believe that spending time with the ones you love is very important! Although the holidays were a tad different, we wanted to share some photos from […]

Mobile MRI Trailer Dimensions: Preparation

Mobile MRI systems

As your prepare for a mobile MRI trailer to arrive at your facility. You may wonder how long and how wide is the trailer? What does the scan room look like or how much space will we have. Below, you will discover the dimensions of a Mobile MRI and just how much room you and […]

MRI Upgrade: What To Do With Your Old MRI?

MRI In-House Lease

Overtime, imaging equipment begins to age and evetually you will need a MRI upgrade. As you start the replacement process you may seek out help from an OEM directly (Siemens, Phillips, GE) or look at working with a third party company. As an imaging provider, KMG can help you through the whole process. From construction, […]

How to Rent a Mobile MRI?

Secure A Mobile MRI

As you are getting closer to the removal of your old MRI system, you want to make sure to rent a mobile mri system during the interim period. In this quick blog you will understand why and how to renta a mobile MRI for your next project. Rent a Mobile MRI: How To Begin Renting […]

MRI Cost: How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Mobile MRI?

MRI Costs for Parked Mobile Unit

When preparing for a mobile MRI, the big ask that many have is how much does an mri cost? In this blog we will talk about the main factors that are involved in deciding the cost of your next mobile mri rental. Major Mobile MRI Cost Factors System Type During an interim rental we try […]

Mobile MRI Awning for Weather Conditions

Mobile MRI Lease Awning

One of the questions we get asked during a mobile mri delivery is how do we keep our patients comfotable in adverse weather conditions during the short walk out to the unit? Some customers will use a heated blanket and an umbrella but more recently we have installed a mobile mri awning for the extreme […]

CLEAR- A Travel Must!

MRI Upgrades Travel Must

Have you ever been late for a flight because of TSA at the airport? Stuck in traffic and worried about making it to the gate in time? Next time you are in the airport, go check out CLEAR! A representative will walk you through the starting process and even let you try the first month […]

The KMG Mobile MRI Site Planning Guide

site planning guide

As you prepare for your next mobile mri system, our mri site planning guide will give you the information needed to create a smooth transition. You will find information such as system layouts, power requirements, pad requirements and more. Our goal at KMG is to make sure you are completely prepared prior to arrival. Power […]