Buying DynaCad Breast Imaging Software


Recently, our KMG team installed another DynaCad Breast Imaging Analysis System at a longtime Fixed MRI customers hospital. After almost a decade, the old unit at the hospital had finally failed. It was a computer system that was not cloud based and could be considered a unit from the stone age. We decided it was […]

Looking To Buy A New MRI: Choose Kings Medical Group

advantages of leasing your In-house MRI

It is that time of year and new imaging systems are on the rise! Are you looking for your one stop shop imaging company to handle your New MRI Installation. Kings Medical Group will help you plan your project, select your new MRI and manage the entire project from start to finish! Continue on to […]

KMG Imaging Services: Mobile and Fixed Imaging

Are you interested in finding a NEW! partner to help you with your imaging project? Take a quick view of the video below and see how KMG can help you find your next mobile or fixed imaging system. From the early planning stages to even providing a mobile imaging system, our team is here to […]

KMG Mobile Siemens Symphony: Lease One Today!

Siemens Symphony

If you are looking for a mobile Siemens Espree that will take care of your imaging needs, you need to call KMG. Our 8 Channel Siemens Symphony MRI is a cost effective mobile solution that can be ready at a moments notice. The mobile will come with a full service contract, coil package listed below […]

The Pros and Cons of 1.5T V. 3T MRI: One Size Does Not Fit All

Pros and Cons

Determining which MRI equipment is the best choice for your hospital or imaging center can be a complex undertaking. Advances in MRI technology have drastically improved imaging quality, speed and safety. But is a faster MRI better, and at what cost? 3T MRIs typically cost twice as much as 1.5T equipment, but there are many […]

Mobile MRI: What Comes With It?

Over the years we have leased out many mobile systems. One of the main questions our customers have had is what does the system come with? What coils are on the unit and what comes with it? Below is some basic info to help you find out what is standard on the unit. Coils Included […]

KMG Hopes You Had A Great Thanksgiving!


As we all continue to spend countless hours at home during this crazy time. Our KMG family hopes you had a great turkey day! We love our families and believe that spending time with the ones you love is very important! Although the holidays were a tad different, we wanted to share some photos from […]

What are the dimension of a Mobile MRI

Dimensions of MRI

As your prepare for a mobile MRI trailer to arrive at your facility. You may wonder how long and how wide is the trailer? What does the scan room look like or how much space will we have. Below, you will discover the dimensions of a Mobile MRI and just how much room you and […]

What To Do With Your Old MRI?


As the OEM’s continue to build new MRI systems, the old mri systems you have installed will need to be replaced.  You will eventually seek out and start the replacement process.  Depending on where and who you take order of your new imaging system from. You will need to sell and have your old system […]

How to Secure a Mobile MRI?

Secure A Mobile MRI

As you are getting closer to the removal date of your old MRI system. You definitely want to have a mobile system locked up during the interim down time. In this quick blog you will understand why and how to secure a mobile MRI for your next project. Mobile MRI: How To Securing a Mobile […]

How Much Does It Cost To Rent Mobile MRI

MRI Costs

When preparing for a mobile MRI, the big ask that many have is how much does an mri cost. In this blog we will talk about the main factors that are involved in deciding the cost of your next rental. Major Mobile MRI Cost Factors System Type During an interim rental we try and the […]

Awnings Mobile MRI Lease


One of the major questions I receive after mobiles arrive is, how to keep your hospital patients from getting wet or cold from rain and snowy conditions. Most customers will use a heated blanket and an umbrella but, for those crazy conditions awnings are needed. Awnings can be as complex or as simple as needed. […]

CLEAR- A Travel Must!!


Have you ever been late for a flight because of TSA at the airport? Stuck in traffic and worried about making it to the gate in time? Next time you are in the airport, go check out CLEAR! A representative will walk you through the starting process and even let you try the first month […]

The KMG Mobile MRI Site Planning Guide

site planning guide

As you prepare for your next mobile mri system, our mri site planning guide will give you the information needed to create a smooth transition. You will find information such as system layouts, power requirements, pad requirements and more. Our goal at KMG is to make sure you are completely prepared prior to arrival. Power […]

Mobile MRI Animal Scans

MRI Anmial Scan

As you all probably have figured out, the KMG team are big time animal lovers. Most of us have dogs and care for them as if they are our children. We are always looking to help hospitals, imaging centers, veterinarian groups and more with any imaging needs. KMG has recently been a part of a […]

Mobile MRI Near Me?

Interim Mobile

As you start to look for a Mobile MRI, you may wonder how far is it away? Is there an engineer that is close by to take care of issues if it breaks down? If I have an emergent need, how long will it take to get here and set up? As you keep reading, […]

Mobile MRI Delivery: Importance of Early or Late Delivery Times

mobile mri delivery

As you embark down the path of a new unit or an upgrade and land on a leasing company for your mobile MRI. Many questions usually arise about the delivery and the set-up process. Today we are going to focus on the importance of the delivery time. It may seem like such a simple piece […]

Dog Days of Summer- Lizzy


Hi, my name is Lizzy. They tell me I am a rottweiler, but I have not been able to get online and confirm that due to the lack of opposable thumbs. I live in a suburb of Cleveland Ohio and I spent most of my days either in this bed somebody hid behind a couch? or […]

Dog Days of Summer: Princess Ivy

Princess Ivy

Hi- My name is Ivy! I am the cutest Yorkie that I know, and I know a lot of Yorkies. My mother tells me that I am the most beautiful pup in the world. They didn’t create the saying “Mother Knows Best” for nothing. Currently I live with my mother, father and my doofus brother […]

Dog Days of Summer: Penny


Hi! My name is Penny! I am a Maltese mix. I weigh about 15 pounds. I was named after the copper colored spot on my back, man my owners are really LUCKY to have me! Who is Penny? I am 8 years old. My mom keeps asking when I am going to grow out of […]