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Fixed Base Solutions

Suite Dreams

From upgrading an existing medical imaging suite, to creating one from scratch, to providing a long-term modular solution, KMG has the expert services and renowned MRI, CT and PET/CT modalities to give you the Fixed Base imaging suite you, and your patients, deserve.

MRI Modalities

Fixed Base MRI

When it comes to imaging soft tissue, creating your MRI suite does not have to be hard. From site location and design, to MRI scanner selection and expert services, KMG has you covered.


Fixed Base CT

With all the CT technology out there, it’s hard to know just what you need – much less how to design a suite or modular space. KMG can help with both, to improve patient flow and efficiency.

Fixed Base PET/CT

KMG will help you develop a clear vision of what your PET/CT needs are and work with you to bring that vision to life in patient-friendly, comfortable customized suite or modular space.

Hospital MRI Fixed Base

KMG provides a full range of in-house modalities including MRI, CT, PET/CT, NUCMED, MM, US, and CATHLAB. See form below

Toshiba Titan MRI Equipment
MRI Installation Fixed Base Solution
Toshiba Titan MRI Equipment

Fixed Base MRI Solutions

When it comes to MRIs, nothing beats having a  state-of-the-art in-house suite. From enhanced patient comfort, to the ability to handle trauma and immobile patients more efficiently, to choosing the MRI scanners that meet your speed and image quality needs, KMG will customize the MRI suite your facility needs.


With the ability to have individual changing rooms, more efficient patient flow and aesthetically pleasing interior design, your Fixed-Base MRI suite will improve patient experience and satisfaction.


With an in-house MRI suite, you will be able to accommodate immobile, trauma and other severely convalescent patients more quickly and safely. During MRI upgrade, KMG will provide a mobile MRI unit for the interim period so you don’t miss a beat!


Having your customized Fixed-Base MRI suite built to your unique specifications can go a long way in your efforts to retentain and recruit of physicians.

Fixed Base CT Solutions

Your custom-built Fixed-Base CT suite will be created with two key things in mind: improved patient workflow and enhanced patient experience. KMG will work with you to ensure both so you can grow your patient base as you grow your bottom line.


When your patients and the surrounding communities know you have the in-house capability to perform CT scans 24 hours a day right in your facility, you’ll add a much-needed boost of confidence to those dealing with a very difficult situation.


Your new Fixed-Base CT suite means you’ll have 24/7 access to your CT capabilities – even during construction. While your CT suite is being built, KMG will provide you with an Interim mobile CT unit so your patient workflow will not suffer.


Having a CT suite in your facility can create a remarkably positive patient experience. Not only will patients have private changing rooms and a more welcoming interior design, they can also have the opportunity to schedule and examination, or even treatment, all in the same visit.

Fixed CT Solution
Fixed CT Solution
Pet CT Upgrade
Pet CT Upgrade

Fixed Base PET/CT Solutions

Having a Fixed-Base PET/CT suite can elevate your facility to another level. With fewer and fewer facilities offering PET/CT capabilities, your new suite could make you the “go-to” facility for PET/CT scanning in the region – meaning high patient workflow and enhanced profits.


With the ability to combine sophisticated Computed Tomography (CT) with advanced Positron Emission Technology (PET), your physicians will be able to better locate and diagnose disease and abnormalities.


Constructing a Fixed-Base PET/CT suite tells the medical community and patients alike that your facility is committed to the best innovation, technology and patient care.


With a separate changing area, well-appointed imaging rooms and the convenience of having everything all in one facility, patients will have a comfortable, efficient experience.

How We Do It

In order to provide the absolute best Fixed-Base MRI, CT or PET/CT suite possible, KMG will work directly with you to identify every want, need and possibility. This five-point process covers every aspect of the location, equipment choice, buildout, operations and community outreach. We are dedicated to delivering only the best when it comes to your Fixed-Base imaging suites. Just as you are dedicated to delivering the best care to your patients.

KMG provided MRI equipment for our building, affording us the opportunity to offer our patients a very pleasant MRI experience. They’ve always focused on doing the right thing for us, be it discussing a situation until a resolution is reached, to replacing our magnet to a higher quality when it became available.​

Fixed Base Solutions

When creating or updating your imaging suite or modular space, many critical decisions come into play. With KMG, you’re not alone. Let’s fill out the form below so we can get a better idea of your needs. From there, we’ll set a time with you to talk further.