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fixed based imaging

Fixed Based Imaging: Kings Medical Group

It is very exciting when you get a new system installed in your hospital or imaging center. Especially when it comes with all the bells and whistles. Although, most facilities are not able to purchase these new units due to the high pricing. Below I will touch on how KMG can help you install your new fixed based imaging equipment.

Fixed Based Imaging Lease

Most hospitals if possible will purchase a new system directly from the OEM. If price becomes a factor in your next upgrade, KMG can offer a leasing opportunity to help you get a NEW fixed base imaging system at your facility. Our team will use our relationships with the OEM that you choose to help get the best price possible over a multiple year term. The monthly rate will depend on the system you choose and the additions you request.

Project Management

Fixed Based Imaging

A huge piece that hospitals find very helpful is our project management. Our Director of Operations David Sweitzer, is very detail orientated and will make sure you and your team are well prepared. David has over 20 years of experience and is a registered architect. Before the contract is signed, David will create CADD drawings of your new potential facility to give you a visual of what is to come.

Picking Out A New Fixed Base Imaging System

Depending on your budget, our team will help you find the right unit. Whether it is a new unit or refurbished, we will make sure it is fits your needs. KMG will use our long standing relationships with the OEMS such as Siemens, GE, Philips and more to help get a great unit at a great price!

Mobile Imaging System

mobile imaging system

Kings Medical Group has a high quality mobile imaging fleet that is ready to go at a moments notice. Our team will deliver the mobile unit, set it up and service it throughout the entire project. The unit is fully equipped with coils, injector and more. Check out our site planning guide or even one of our Siemens Espree Units.

Start Your Project Today!

For more information or to start your NEW Fixed Based Imaging Project, fill out the information below or head to our website.

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