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Removal of Old MRI System

What To Do With An Old Imaging System?

Removal Process of imaging system

Are you ready to remove your old system and create your dream imaging suite?

At KMG, we want to make your dreams come true. Our team is ready to help you create an affordable Fixed Imaging solution that makes you smile. But what do you do with your old imaging system? Our team is ready to help you get the best bang for your buck!

Removal Process

Once you have decided on a new unit with KMG. David Sweitzer, our operations director, will walk you through the removal of your current system. The unit removal can be as simple as removing a window or as complicated as removing multiple walls or ceiling/roofing. Before the process is started, we will make sure you are are well prepared and aware of the process.

Selling Your System

From our sales reps to our architectural design team, we will take you from a dream to reality. That reality may come with a cost. Selling your current system is a great way to offset that cost. As your account executive I want you to give you the best possible option. In some situations the system you have may add value to our fleet and KMG will buy the current fixed system and provide a credit towards your project. Our team is also very involved in the imaging community and will reach out to help sell your system. Either way you are in good hands!

Start The NEW Suite Process

KMG FixedBase MRI1

Your suite is empty and you need that new shiny system in a room that makes you feel proud. We want to help you with that and give you the tools to decide how you want your suite to look. Our fixed imaging team will help you create your dream suite and give you the tools.

Interested in finding out more……

I am waiting for your call/email. Please give Zach Johnson a call at 612-757-6714 or fill out our fixed imaging questionnaire and one of our Account Executives will reach out to and help you with your future mobile needs!

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