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Interim Solutions

Flexibility Meets Function

Just because your facility can’t support a full imaging suite doesn’t mean you can’t have full imaging capabilities. Our Interim Imaging solutions are mobile, convenient and available when you need them, for as long as you need them. 

KMG offers a wide variety of interim units from mobile MRI, mobile CT and mobile PET/CT systems. 

MRI Modalities

Interim MRI

Having a full MRI suite is one of the most expensive and space-consuming modalities a facility can have. KMG’s Interim mobile MRI solutions put all those concerns to rest.


Interim CT

Whether you’re looking to buy or upgrade your CT scanner or need the modality but are short on space and budget, KMG’s Interim mobile CT solutions provide just what you need.

Interim PET/CT

Choosing a mobile PET/CT doesn’t mean you’re choosing to sacrifice. KMG’s Interim PET/CT solutions provide the comfort patients want and the image quality you demand.

Interim Mobile Imaging Solutions from KMG

KMG provides a full range of in-house modalities including MRI, CT, PET/CT, NUCMED, MM, US, and CATHLAB. See form below

KMG Interim Mobile Solutions Trailer
Interim MRI Symphony
Interim MRI Symphony

Interim MRI Solutions

From adding another MRI unit to handle your patient backlog, to providing a short-term solution while upgrading your current unit, to adding a new service, KMG has the right Interim mobile MRI system to keep you running efficiently and affordably.


KMG’s expansive MRI Fleet gives you the ability to choose the exact MRI unit (Siemens, GE or Philips) delivered right to your location, set up and ready to scan.


KMGs wide variety of interim rental MRI scanners, ranging from standard bore systems to the newest wide bore technologies, give you the option to select the unit that best fits your budget.


Each mobile MRI trailer is fully equipped with all the comforts, coils and features of an in-house suite to provide the same quality patient care as a fixed in-house suite.

Interim CT Solutions

When you have an upcoming CT project or a patient backlog, one of the rental Interim mobile CT scanners from KMG is your answer. Our wide variety of OEM CT units ensures you have the right match to your current unit for a smooth transition.


From upgrading your current CT scanner to testing out a new CT service before committing to a full in-house installation, your mobile CT unit will be set up and ready for patients in no time.


From handling your patient backlog to adding a secondary ER scanner, an Interim mobile CT scanner from KMG can increase your patient throughput.


With fast delivery and setup, our mobile fleet, featuring units from Phillips, Siemens, GE and Toshiba, can be delivered, set up and patient-ready quickly and affordably.

CT Interim Lease Solution
CT Interim Lease Solution
mobile pet ct siemens biograph
mobile pet ct siemens biograph

Interim PET/CT Solutions

If you’re looking to grow your PET/CT volumes, KMG’s interim mobile PET/CT fleet can add more days of service to your PET/CT schedule. With all the tools and resources you need to operate your own PET/CT, we even have ways to help you save money on your pharmaceuticals.


Quick, efficient and fully capable, KMG’s interim PET/CT units can increase your productivity and allow for more patient scans each day.


With the ability to add an extra PET/CT unit whenever you need, you’ll be able to expand your service offerings and extend your service schedule.


KMG’s fully trained staff will have your Interim PET/CT operating smooth and efficiently, and can even help save you money when purchasing your FDG tracer.

How We Do It

When we set up your facility with Interim MRI, CT or PET/CT units, our goal is ensure you have the right equipment and support with as little downtime as possible. To do this, we work with you to uncover every possible need and contingency. Then we take a four-pronged process approach to provide the best-in-class service that has made KMG a leader in mobile imaging.

KMG provided MRI equipment for our building, affording us the opportunity to offer our patients a very pleasant MRI experience. They’ve always focused on doing the right thing for us, be it discussing a situation until a resolution is reached, to replacing our magnet to a higher quality when it became available.​

Interim Mobile Solutions

Looking for Interim Mobile Imaging solutions? You’ve come to the right place. To get started, complete the form below and let us know a bit more about your needs. We’ll review the information you provide and contact you to set up a conversation.