Jessica Spachner | Chief Financial Officer

Imaging Equipment Chief Finance Officer

In 2017, Jessica Spachner joined the KMG Team with the dual role as our Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer. She splits her time between these two areas, which enables her to keep a pulse on the entire company from A to Z.

Her primary responsibilities include:

Chief Operating Officer responsible for:

  • Operations
  • Human Resources
  • IT

Chief Financial Officer responsible for:

  • Overall KMG Financial Management
  • Treasury
  • Tax Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Forecasting

Prior to joining KMG Jessica held various roles at KeyBank and worked at a Public Accounting firm where KMG was one of her clients. Jessica holds a Bachelor of Science and Arts with a focus in Finance and a Bachelor of Science in Economics both from John Carroll University. Jessica is a registered Certified Public Accountant. 

In her free time Jessica spends time with her husband Peter, and their two small children. She commutes to work almost an hour each way, so she is also a huge fan of podcasts.