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Kim Jacobs / Chief Executive Officer

Imaging Equipment Chief Executive Officer

As a 15-year veteran of KMG, Kim’s  CEO role has her creating, planning, implementing and integrating the strategic direction of our company – a position she is uniquely qualified to do considering her past KMG experience as:

Chief Operating Officer responsible for:

  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • IT

Chief Financial Officer responsible for:

  • Overall KMG Financial Management
  • Treasury
  • Tax Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Forecasting

Before joining KMG, Kim Jacobs was a Practice Manager for a Maternal Fetal Medicine and Fetal Treatment Center operated by Akron Children’s Hospital. Since joining KMG, Kim Jacobs has been instrumental in her role with growing the sales, marketing and operations teams.

Kim holds a BSA with a focus in Accounting from the University of Akron.

Kim is an avid animal lover and she enjoys spending time with her husband Eric, and their Pink Nosed Pitbull Jefferson and Australian Cattle Dog Buddy, and loves a good glass of cabernet.