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MRI Costs for Parked Mobile Unit

Moving From A Mobile Route To A Fixed Mobile MRI System

As a former account executive who sold mobile route services, one of the major issues hospitals dealt with was the ability to expand. Most mobile imaging companies have to fill their routes completely to be profitable. This limits your ability to add scanning days. Starting your services with a one day a week option is great, but what happens when you start having a backlog of patients? Most doctors and referring physicians will start to send their patients to another facility. At KMG we want to help you keep those patients and switch from your mobile route service to a fixed mobile mri system.

Why Move To A Fixed Mobile MRI?

  • Utilizing two days of daily service
  • Second day is not available
  • Referring physicians not wanting to wait a week
  • Prefer a newer MRI System

How KMG Can Help?

Siemens Avanto

At KMG our goal is to work with you to find the system that fits your needs. We will work with you to select the right system from our fleet that fits your needs. Our systems are fully equipped with an injector, coils and a full service contract to help your technologists provide excellent care to your patients.

Whats the Cost?

The price of the fixed mobile system all depends on the unit you select and how long you choose to lease it for. An easy way to understand the pricing scale is the newer the unit, the more it will cost. Your KMG account representative will help walk you through the different options to make the right choice.

Lets Talk Today?

Our team is standing by! Have questions about how you can move from mobile to a fixed unit? Give us a call or fill out the information below and a KMG account representative will call you right away! Together We Can Make A Difference!!

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