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Mobile Imaging: Importance of The Russellstoll Connection

               The Russellstoll connection is a very important part of making the delivery or set up smooth when leasing a Mobile MRI or Mobile CT. It is critical for the mobile system to have power upon arrival and not having this can create issues and a longer day for you and your staff. Today we will touch on everything from the recommended power to cable length and more.

Simple Connection

When ordering a RS connection for your facility, make sure you take a look at the site planning guide that was provided by your KMG Account Representative. This quick connect has 5 pins and is shown in the picture to the left. The KMG mobile systems are equipped with the male end of the RS connect that is stored under the belly of the system. Upon arrival, the driver or engineer setting up the system will connect the system and test the power connection. (See Phasing Blog)

Russellstoll connection
Russellstoll Connection that is required

Russellstoll Connection Cable Length

Under the belly of the mobile system, there is a RS connection with a cable length 40-45ft cable to connect power to the unit. Recommended length for connection from the trailer is 30ft or less. This will give you the ability to run the cable under the trailer or away from the walk way. The last thing you want to have the cable in an area that would cause a patient to trip. If you do need to have a car or patient walk over the RS cable, there are covers that customers have used in the past from……. For any other cable length questions, please give your representative a call.

Russellstoll Power

Electricity is necessary to power the mobile MRI unit, including the MRI itself and the trailer.
You will need a constant source of power available at your selected location, prior to delivery
of your mobile MRI system.

  • Voltage and Amperage- 480v 150-200Amp 3-phase Russell Stoll power receptacle within a certain distance of the parked trailer.
  • Correct Phasing-Electrician onsite assistance during delivery is important to make sure your receptacle is phasing properly to run the equipment. The phasing could be clock-wise or counter-clockwise. If they are not the same, the unit will not power up.

KMG Site Planning Guide

Looking for more information to help plan out your next imaging project? Click the link below to open and download our customer site planning guide that will help you prepare for a mobile imaging system.

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