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Mobile System Planning

Financial Benefits with Mobile Imaging

As hospitals and imaging facilities are figuring out the “new normal,” one thing remains the same: Making a capital equipment acquisition requires a well thought out plan. Many facilities are experiencing a surge in volume, larger than pre-pandemic numbers. And with the increase in patient demand many facilities are starting to focus on expansion and growth. Let us help provide insight on how to get your project underway and begin improving the bottom line and explain the finaicial benefits with mobile imaging.

The increase in patient volumes presents an opportunity to generate greater revenues and profits. Nonetheless, you will need to improve workflow efficiency to manage the higher loads. KMG offers both short-term and long-term mobile leasing solutions.

How Mobile Imaging will Improve Bottom Line:

  1. Efficiency – Treat more patients within the same time frame. Parking a mobile outside your facility allows for same day scanning in addition to doubling up on scheduled patient scans. Right about now you may be thinking, “this sounds great but how do we staff both imaging systems?” KMG employs ARRT certified clinical staff that will represent your facility with respect and professionalism. All our medical techs and support staff are hand-picked to fit your team’s culture.
  2. Patient Satisfaction – Patient satisfaction is the key to improving the bottom line by keeping them onsite and retaining long term. Better quality patient experiences will result in healthier patients, better disease detection rates, and long-term retention. Think about it. Getting in sooner for a scan, means an accelerated image interpretation process, which gets the results back to the patient in a timely manner, reducing the likelihood of further unnecessary diagnostic procedures, ultimately saving patients money in the long run and creating a better experience overall.

KMG provides a wide variety of OEM mobile imaging systems to match your facility’s needs. You have the option to park a mobile for as long as you need. Alternatively, if you have already started the process of an upgrade or replacement project, we can help create a smooth transition by providing a mobile unit during that time, so you do not miss a beat!

Whether you are experiencing backlog or just curious to learn more about KMG’s Interim Unit Delivery, Modular Units or In-House Solutions  CONTACT US today. Let us help you start improving the bottom line with mobile imaging!

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