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Awnings Mobile MRI Lease

One of the major questions I receive after mobiles arrive is, how to keep your hospital patients from getting wet or cold from rain and snowy conditions. Most customers will use a heated blanket and an umbrella but, for those crazy conditions awnings are needed. Awnings can be as complex or as simple as needed.

Reasons Why to Build an Awning

  • -Weather Conditions
    • Rain
    • Snow
    • Heat
  • State Regulations
    • Fire Suppression
    • Emergency Needs
  • Hospital Regulations

Awning Must Haves

Having an awning can be a great add on during your lease or rental. Although, when you put in an awning, you want to make sure you have adequate lighting, cooling and/or heating. Whether you are completely or partly enclosed, you want your staff and patients to feel safe. If you build an awning and forget to add lighting, it can create very dark holes and unsafe spots for your staff and patients. Your awning will also need a way to cool or heat it depending on conditions. These are a few of the major must haves when you add an awning to your lease.

Awning Photos

Looking for a few examples…. Check out the photo album below for awning ideas!

Our mobile imaging team is here to help. If you have a mobile interim need and are looking for dimensions or ways to prepare. Download our mobile interim site planning guide. This will give you the tools to start preparing for your mobile rental!

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