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Mobile MRI Transportation: Behind The Wheel with KMG

It is not often you pass a mobile MRI or CT moving down the highway, but when you do, rest assured, the company and driver behind the wheel is not your ordinary load hauler.  When we prepare for a mobile mri transportation to a customer’s site we have a handful of transportation companies that we work with.

Mobile MRI Driver Responsibility

During a mobile MRI transportation, it is important the driver is aware of MRI Safety since they are moving a very powerful magnet.  They must ensure the generator runs throughout the duration of the trip to keep the cold head chirping on the MRI system and eliminate helium loss.  Also critical for the driver is the initial placement and set up of the trailer upon arrival at the destination location.  Plugging in to power, ensuring the system is level, setting up the lift and stairs, preparing the awning to protect patients from the weather are all top priority.  Anticipating and handling mechanical issues that may arise during set up in a professional and positive manner is essential.  The driver is part of the first impression our customer receives, and we want to be represented well.    

 Securing Transportation for the Mobile MRI

Timing is critical when planning the move of a mobile MRI or CT as these specialty transport companies stay booked.  Ideal is to be securing quotes at least 2 weeks out from the anticipated move date.  In that instance where we have a last minute need we have found our partnerships, some spanning decades, work hard to make it happen for KMG.  Kelly Mobile Services, DelMed, JDS and Strollin’ R just to mention a few.  Recently Liberty Specialized Transport out of NC and Power Only out of NJ have proven reliable. 


As with any relationship, communication is key.  Should the driver run in to any difficulties or delay during a mobile mri transportation, it is necessary to communicate not only with their company, but also the point of contact designated for KMG.  David Sweitzer, our Director of Operations knows our mobiles like the back of his hand and can usually walk a driver through any situation.  Along with other team members, KMG has a host of contacts with expertise we can draw on at any time.  When permitted a KMG representative will also be on site at delivery to ensure a smooth transition to our customer.

behind the wheel

End Goal

Our goal during a mobile mri transportation is to deliver the system without delay and in excellent condition. We value those we currently entrust our cargo to and welcome opportunity to form new relationships.  Should you chance to encounter a mobile MRI or CT on the interstate or back road, give that driver a thumbs up and as much room as they need!  They play an important and key role in partnering with KMG to meet the imaging needs of our customers and their patients.  Together we can make a difference!

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