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Mobile MRI Lease Delivery

Mobile Imaging: Pre-Delivery Process

After you have worked through the contract process, there tends to be some uncertainty of what happens next. Our goal as a mobile imaging equipment provider is to create a smooth transition from your in-house system to the provided mobile unit. Before the arrival of the unit, your account executive will have provided you with a mobile site planning guide. They will also schedule a 15 minute pre-delivery call to walk through the delivery process of the mobile unit. This call usually happens 2 weeks prior to delivery. It helps to create a detailed timeline for the delivery and set up of the mobile unit.

What to expect on the Pre-Delivery call?

During the call, you will go through the list provided below. Each item will be discussed in depth to make sure you and your staff are prepared for the delivery. Be prepared to provide contacts for your IT department, facilities and even a representative for miscellaneous needs. During the call please ask all the questions you have. We want you to feel comfortable and excited for our mobile imaging system to arrive.

Mobile Imaging

Interim Mobile Checklist:

  1. Delivery Date- What is your requested delivery day?
  2. Start Date- Your estimated day to start scanning patients.
  3. Site Contact- Who is the contact for Driver, FSE and KMG rep?
  4. IT Contact- Determine your IT rep who can answer technical questions.
  5. Facility Contact- Usually the facilities manager to handle location, delivery and power questions.
  6. Power (Russel Stohl Connection)- Where is your power located and is it up to spec for the arriving mobile?
  7. Parking Location/Pad- Where is the pad located and is there any special requests for how the mobile is set up.
  8. Applications/Protocols- Are your techs up to speed with the unit?

Pre-Delivery Forms

One of the major hiccups that occurs is the connection between the mobile unit and the hospitals PACS (Picture Archive & Communication System). There are many small roadblocks that we could possibly run into on the day of delivery, so we like to get a head start on the process. Your Account Executive at KMG will provide you with an IT form that we would like filled out prior to delivery of the mobile imaging unit. Fill out the IT form before delivery day to save time and headache.

We Will Take Care of You

As you prepare for your next project, keep KMG in mind and let us help you create a smooth transition to one of our mobile imaging systems. We want a positive experience for you and the team during your in-house replacement. Head to our contact us page to lock in your next mobile unit TODAY!

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