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Responsiveness is Key to Reducing Mobile MRI Downtime

5 Questions to Evaluate Your Medical Imaging Provider

Glitch, malfunction, breakdown. Whatever you call it, technology and equipment emergencies in the world of MRIs can lead to big headaches. We know you want to provide the best care possible for your patients, and while many Mobile MRI providers abide by stringent quality and maintenance standards, emergencies do come up.

Any type of breakdown can have far-reaching consequences for imaging centers. Beyond the direct financial cost, downtime can lead to delayed diagnosis of the patient, lower patient satisfaction scores, stressful rescheduling of appointments, and the potential loss of patients to an alternate provider. When it comes to equipment or trailer glitches, responsiveness by your Mobile MRI provider is key. It is crucial that your service provider be there when you need them. You need a company that responds quickly and cooperatively to troubleshoot the problem and get your facility back up and running.

You can evaluate the responsiveness of your Mobile MRI provider by answering five simple questions:

  • 1. How often are patients rescheduled due to equipment/trailer issues?
  • 2. What is your current downtime percentage on your equipment?
  • 3. How soon are you speaking to a live person after an issue arises?
  • 4. How long on average until an issue is completely fixed (not just a short-term solution)?
  • 5. Does your provider regularly follow-up after an event to ensure the same problem doesn’t take you offline again?

Proper quarterly preventative maintenance by your Mobile MRI Provider should improve equipment life and help prevent unplanned maintenance activities. When an issue arises, your Provider should be readily available to respond.

A good measure of “readily available” is, are you speaking to a live person within 30 minutes of an emergency call? Your Mobile MRI Provider should also deal directly with the customer and equipment service provider to streamline information and provide timely solutions. And, your Provider should follow-up after each event to ensure the problem is solved and make recommendations for further failure prevention.

If your downtime keeps rising and your patient satisfaction scores are suffering due to equipment and trailer breakdowns, it may be time to consider a new Mobile MRI provider. While equipment and trailer maintenance issues are never anticipated, prompt, reliable service in response to an emergency should be.

At KMG, we understand that responsiveness is key to top-notch service.

Talk to Eric Evans, National Sales Executive at KMG today, if you feel the responsiveness of your current medical imaging provider could use a little maintenance.

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