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Mobile MRI and Mobile CT Fleet

Transitioning from Mobile Imaging Route to Fixed Mobile

Do you currently have mobile service that is 1 or 2 days per week? Would you like to have a fixed mobile imaging system for your everyday use?

Why Fixed Mobile?

Most mobile routes are great ways to get your feet wet but limit you when issues arise. Do you constantly deal with down days and limited volumes or time? We can help you jump from mobile to fixed as you give your hospital or imaging center the tools to be a imaging leader in your area.

Fixed Mobile can eliminate Mobile Imaging down days!

Fixed Mobile Imaging

As a previous mobile imaging day to day representative. I have seen many facilities wonder why they are not growing, even with a full day or more of imaging service. When you are on a route, systems tend to break and you have down days that you are unable to make-up. This frustrates doctors, referring physicians and patients as they have to wait until the next week to have their scan completed. Having a fixed mobile helps eliminate down days and gives you the opportunity to have a full week of scanning.

More Days, More Time, More Scans

One of the big problems with mobile is you are limited to your 8 hour per day. It is sometime tough to imagine but adding more days give your patients more options during the week. It also creates comfort within your referring doctors and physicians. Dont forget about emergency or same day scans. If you continue to battle with limited days and patient backlog, a full time fixed scanner is your ticket to GOLD!

If you are interested or would like one of our Account executives to give you a call. Please fill out the brief questionnaire or you can give us a call at 612-757-6714.

We are standing by and waiting for your call!

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