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MRI Lease In Hospital Advantages

Four Advantages of Leasing an In-House MRI

Purchasing or leasing an in-house MRI can be one of the largest capital expenditures Medical Facilities face today. Here are 4 advantages of leasing your in-house MRI.

1. Initial Down Payment

When exercising the leasing model, there is little to zero initial down payment. This not only includes your new MRI system, but also includes suite modifications and enhancements, all project costs associated with installing your MRI and a full-service package. There may be a lot of hidden costs associated with buying direct. A few examples of this include a mobile MRI during the installation period, additional project costs and de-installation of your current magnet.  If a large initial down payment or if cash flow is an issue for you, leasing may be an attractive option at this time.

2. Term Flexibility

In-house MRI terms usually range from 5 to 7 years. This gives your facility the flexibility to either upgrade into the latest and greatest technologically advanced system or extend your current terms with the system you are already comfortable with. Either way, you are not stuck with an MRI that may be reaching end of life 12 years down the line.

3. Expendable Costs

When working with a 3rd party supplier to lease your MRI equipment, most companies will pick up the “extra” expendable costs associated with the daily wear and tear on your equipment. This includes things such as coil cushions, headphones and even the coils themselves.

4. Responsibility of the Magnet

 Weather your magnet quenches or flat out breaks the responsibility of replacing or fixing the magnet is in the hands of the lessee. With big Iron equipment, it is just a matter of time before something breaks or needs replaced. This can come with a high price tag. When leasing equipment, that responsibility is solely on the lessee.

In the world of MRI sometimes the word leasing comes with a negative stigma. However, there are many advantages to leasing your MRI equipment. With COVID-19 hitting the US, the financial impact is still up in the air. It may take months or even years to recover from the hit of COVID. The leasing model gives you the opportunity to get into a brand-new magnet without the financial risk of buying outright. Is this option right for your facility? Please contact Eric Evans at to find out more today or fill out this quick questionnaire and KMG will contact you!

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