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Why Mobile Imaging? 5 Reasons to Rent a Mobile CT or MRI

Have you considered utilizing a mobile CT or MRI in the past? Now may be a better time than ever! Check out 5 reasons why it makes sense to rent a mobile CT or MRI at your facility.

5 Reasons

1. Flexibility

Purchasing an MRI or CT is a monumental decision. When purchasing a system outright most facilities are committing to that unit for 10 to 15 years. Talk about a stressful decision to make! Why not relieve some of that stress and invest in an option that you are not bound to for the next decade? Mobile systems give you that flexibility without compromising the quality of images. The majority of FDA approved in-house MRI and CT units are also approved in a mobile system. Technology is continuing to improve daily. Being stuck with old technology can be a detriment to your facility. Would it make more sense to go mobile and utilize that flexibility? Rent a Mobile CT and try it out for a few weeks or months before making any monumental decsiions.

2. Backlog

Backlog can be an issue for any Hospital or Imaging Center. Some patients are not willing to wait so they will turn elsewhere or there could be an emergency scan needed right away. If your backlog is a couple weeks out how are you dealing with this? We see more and more Independent Imaging Centers offering same day scans. The tools that patients have today, it is just a click away to find an alternative option. Having a mobile MRI onsite can minimize this risk of losing patients. You can preform scans that are needed same day while chipping away at your backlog simultaneously. The mobile option could also extend the life of your primary unit and take some stress off it. Is your primary MRI or CT currently at capacity?

3. Interim Use

Mobile MRI Service

Okay, so maybe a long-term Mobile option is not right for you currently. You can still make use of mobile systems. Interim use is where mobiles are most often used. Instead of having to send your patients to a sister facility or worse yet turn them away entirely, would make more sense to bring in a mobile? Not only would you be helping your bottom line, you get to keep the patient onsite and retain them long term.  WIN WIN!

4. Justification

Have you considered MRI but do not think you can support the volume? A low risk option is to bring in a mobile and test the market. If you have never provided MRI for your patients or you are thinking of expanding into a new market, there is no better way to justify than to bring a mobile in.  For how long you my ask? To truly understand the market and track the ebbs and flows, we would suggest a 6-month trial period. What is holding you back from offering MRI and CT to your patients?

5. Lack of space

Currently out of space for an MRI or CT suite inside your facility? Do you not have the budget to add on? Pulling a mobile in could be the perfect solution. Not only is it cost effective, all you need is an 8.5’X48’ space to make it happen. Whether you are currently out of space to add a secondary unit internally, or starting the services for the first time, a mobile could be the solution you are looking for.

A Mobile Can Help You!

With the uncertainty in today’s world, there are many reasons to do things differently. Maybe the mobile option didn’t make sense before but consider these 5 reasons to provide mobile services in the future. Please contact Eric Evans at to find out more today or fill out this quick questionnaire and KMG will contact you!

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