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Medical Imaging Upgrades to Dynacad

Buying DynaCad Breast Imaging Software

Recently, our KMG team installed another DynaCad Breast Imaging Analysis System at a longtime Fixed MRI customers hospital. After almost a decade, the old unit at the hospital had finally failed. It was a computer system that was not cloud based and could be considered a unit from the stone age. We decided it was time to upgrade to the new DynaCad unit. In this blog we will touch on the installation process and how this system has improved their day-to-day operations.

Purchasing the Unit

Since we had already purchased a DynaCad breast imaging unit prior to this one, we had a great relationship with our Invivo sales representative Scott. It was a seamless process in which we decided to also purchase a server from Invivo. Depending on how fast you need the unit, you can also find a server that fits the requirements at a lower price. This can all be discussed with your service representative at Invivo.

DynaCad Installation

Once the system arrives at your facility, the server is racked and networked so the application specialist from Invivo can access the server. As soon as they have access, DynaCad software is installed and prepared to allow connection from the MRI unit. This process depending on the complication of your network, can go very quickly but you should allow 2 days. Once it has been tested and MRI images have been sent you are ready for final applications.

DynaCad Applications

Once studies have been sent to the DynaCad unit, the Invivo applications specialist prepares the images to be able to provide applications for the doctors. The specialist will reach out and provide dates/times for the doctors to choose from for applications. From our personal experience, the new DynaCad software is easy to learn and will make your team very happy!

For more information on DynaCad solutions or to pair that with an Imaging system upgrade. Fill out the information below and a KMG sales representative will give you a call!

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