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Mobile MRI Rental Cost

How Much Does a Mobile MRI Cost?

As you prepare for your Interim MRI upgrade you probably are trying to guage how much a mobile mri will cost you? I am here to help give you an idea based on a few simple factors. The 4 factors that you need to think about are system, time frame, staffing and delivery.

1. System

Mobile Imaging

The best way to make sure your project is smooth from start to finish is by making sure the system is the same or similar. An example would be if you have a Siemens Avanto with VB19 software that you should use the same system in our Kings Medical Mobile Fleet! Each system is valued by its age and the software/coil packages that it comes with. Pricing for an MRI can be anywhere from an 18K to 50K+ per month depending on the unit. The other factor that also can play a roll is time frame.

2. Time Frame

Before a mobile arrives, you want to make sure that you have a plan of how long your project may last. If you are upgrading with Kings Medical Group, we will prepare you with a timeline. When you upgrade with the OEM, you want to make sure that they give you an estimate so that you can receive the best price possible for the mobile MRI. The general rule of thumb is the longer the contract time frame, the better the price per month.

3. Staffing/Applications

Another piece to the puzzle is staffing and or applications. If you are using the unit for backlog or needing a second unit due to COVID-19 and you would like to have KMG staff it. We will hire out a technologist on your request. The cost on the tech depends on their credentials and the lenght of time that they will be there. A good budgetary range for a tech would be between 8-15K. If you are late to the party on picking a system or the software levels happen to be different. You may need to have a applications specialist there to provide a quick run through or to build protocols. A good budget would be around $1,850 per day.

4. Transportation/Delivery

One of the final pieces to mobile mri cost is the transportation/delivery. As your sales representative, I would love to bring in the unit a few days before your start date to provide comfort in knowing everything is set up and approved. Based on the availability of the system, KMG will provide an estimate on the quote and a final price on the contract. The price is based on the milage that the driver will travel. To budget range for transport would be between 3K and 9K. This is a one time fee for inbound transport.

I hope that you were able to gather the information you needed to prepare you for your upcoming project. If you are interested in having KMG handle the whole project from planning to the new unit. Please give me a call or fill out our quick questionaire.

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