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MRI Lease In Hospital Advantages

Looking To Buy A New In House MRI: Choose Kings Medical Group

It is that time of year and new imaging systems are on the rise! Are you looking for your one stop shop imaging company to handle your New MRI Installation? Kings Medical Group will help you plan your project, select your new in house MRI and manage the entire project from start to finish! Continue on to see what to expect when buying a NEW in house MRI system.

New MRI System

No matter the OEM or system type, we can help you land a great system for a great price. Whether you are looking to start a service and have a small budget or get the new latest and greatest MRI system(Ex. Siemens Sola). We will provide multiple options for you to choose from.

Old MRI Removal

fixed based imaging

Before the install of your new system, you will need to remove the old one. We can help you trade it in/sell it and even remove it. Our operations team will help plan and perform the removal so your new MRI system can be installed.

New In House MRI Installation

From removing ceiling tiles, flooring and shielding. Our team will make sure your new system is placed in the best position. We want you to sit back and relax as well construct your new dream MRI suite.

MRI Room Aesthetics

Removal Process

Looking to add some cool windows, sky ceiling tiles, lights or tv screens. We can help you find the right additions for your new MRI suite giving your patients a relaxing feel.

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