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Mobile MRI Service What to Know?

A big question many people before they bring in a mobile imaging system is….How is the mobile mri serviced during the lease? Mobile systems can be serviced by an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) or a 3rd party service provider. Either way, they are handled with care and are very similar to your fixed service team. Below are some service topics that will help you understand how mobile imaging service works during your lease.

KMG Modality Interim Mobile

OEM vs. 3rd Party

OEM’s and 3rd party providers/ISO’s (Independent Service Providers) both provide excellent service. If you are planning on putting in a BRAND SPANKING NEW system, I would recommend OEM coverage. The system is not as well known to 3rd party and have been technically trained on those units. Since a mobile system or refurbished fixed unit is usually an older model. An ISO or 3rd party vendor is more than qualified to handle the service contract. Below are a few pros and cons to both OEM and 3rd party to help you make your decision.

3rd Party Pros

  1. Experience: Most 3rd party providers are the OEM’s top engineers that have branched off and have tons of experience
  2. Price Point: Your price point is going to be substainaly lower and may include options for cheaper 24/7 rates
  3. Extend End of Life Units: When a unit reachs EOL with the OEM, most 3rd party providers will extend that service time period.
  4. Personable: You are more than likely going to work with one Engineer that will treat you will and create that personable experience during the mobile imaging service.

3rd Party Cons

  1. New Systems Training: The experience of the engineer may lack on the new units
  2. Availability: If the 3rd party group is small, they may run into issues when multiple units are down.

OEM Pros

  1. New Systems: technically trained
  2. Large resource pool to pull from for issues that may arise
  3. Service Keys and Software issues may be solved within your OEM contract

OEM Cons

  1. OEM’s discontinue products that may result in the system not serviceable
  2. Contract rates are higher and overtime rates can really hurt your pocket book
  3. Large Service Team- May result in many different conversations day to day
KMG Mobile MRI

Mobile MRI Service Coverage Time

During the entirety of the mobile lease, you may need to have a field service engineer come to the rescue. As we all know, things happen and stuff breaks. Whether you have OEM service or 3rd party service, the coverage time during the week is 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday. If you would like the comfort of overtime coverage. A weekend rate can be discussed and decided on prior to signing the contract.

Trailer Service

Just as MRI systems have issues, so do the trailers they sit in. To keep the mobile running, there are many different components such as chillers, generators, air conditioning units and more that need to stay afloat. Prior to the mobile MRI showing up, our operations team will search out maintenance companies that are close by in-case an issue occurs. If there are certain companies that you trust and would like us to use. Our operations executive will reach out to them if needed. You will be in good hands through out the lease.

Mobile MRI Service Steps

During your mobile lease time we want you to understand exactly how mobile imaging service works. If an issue occurs on a mobile MRI or CT system, you will want to follow the steps below!

  1. Call the 1-800 number provided by KMG
  2. FSE Phone Service: Diagnose problems with FSE over the phone and try to fix the issue
  3. FSE Onsite: within 4 hours, the fse will be onsite and able to work their magic on the MRI mobile. Parts will be ordered if needed.
  4. System Up: As soon as the problem is solved the FSE will alert KMG and the customer to make sure they are able to scan as soon as possible.

As you start to prepare for your mobile MRI and questions arise. Do not hesitate to reach out to me at 6127576714 or fill out our brief contact us questionnaire and we will get back to your right away!

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