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MRI Anmial Scan

Mobile MRI Animal Scans

As you all probably have figured out, the KMG team are big time animal lovers. Most of us have dogs and care for them as if they are our children. We are always looking to help hospitals, imaging centers, veterinarian groups and more with any imaging needs. KMG has recently been a part of a few different opportunities that gave house-hold pets and zoo animals a chance to receive an MRI. Needless to say it was a pretty exciting opportunity for our team provide an mri animal scan.

It Has Helped Our Family

To start off with a quick story. My wife and I were watching our in-laws two shelties that were less than a year old. They were very rambunctious and always wanting to play. IT was the 4th of July weekend and we were just letting them out to go to the bathroom one more time before we went to the beach. All of the sudden, we both hear loud yelps from the back yard and see one of the shelties “Lokie” laying in the grass panting. He had gotten his leg caught in-between the deck posts as he ran down the stairs. Loki broke one of his hind legs and was in a lot of pain. It was a scary moment but thankfully, our small vet office had an MRI system. To finish the story, my wife and I spent the day thanking God that Lokie’s leg was able to be set and surgically fixed. The images made sure their was only a bone break, leaving Lokie in a cast for 10 weeks.

mri aniaml scans

Getting A Mobile MRI Animal Scan?


-The mri animal scan usually takes about 20-30 minutes depending on the size of the animal and the scan they are doing.

Anesthesia and Contrast

-The animals are sedated with anesthesia to keep from moving. If the animal is moving around, the images will not turn out and they will have to be scanned again.  They may also be given contrast to enhance the image.

Reading The Image

-Your veterinarian will then take the image and diagnose the problem. Each situation is different, but they are usually able to provide same day information


-You are then able to receive the results and make a decision with your veterinarian on how to move forward.

KMG Mobile MRI

Securing a Mobile MRI or Fixed MRI?

Are you reading this and wondering how you can add MRI to your facility? Our interim and Fixed imaging pages go into great detail about the process and have a contact form at the bottom. Our sales team at KMG will help you find the mobile MRI that fits your needs and help you prepare for the arrival of the imaging system. We aim to provide an smooth transition for all our customers as they add the mobile or fixed MRI service.

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