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MRI Costs for Parked Mobile Unit

MRI Cost: How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Mobile MRI?

When preparing for a mobile MRI, the big ask that many have is how much does an mri cost? In this blog we will talk about the main factors that are involved in deciding the cost of your next mobile mri rental.

Major Mobile MRI Cost Factors

System Type

During an interim rental we try and the mobile system with your in-house unit. If you are currently using an older unit with a minimal channel count, your price will be towards the lower end of the scale. As you move towards the higher channel count and newer aged unit, expect your price to go up.

Rental Length

Your other big time factor is the length of your rental. A general rule of thumb is the longer the term, the better the rate.

Transportation Costs

Your last major cost will be for transportation. Your transport cost depends on how far the mobile is from your current location. Costs usually range from $2,500 to $7,500.


Applications Training

If you are in desperate need or renting a unit towards the lower price range, you may need a bit of training or protocols built. A specialist can be arranged for around $2,000 per day.


awning 3

Having an awning can help you keep your patients dry and/or warm. Awning prices can vary and will depend long the awning will need to be built(door to mobile), your complexity of your awning system and your awning lease price.


If you do not have power and need to lease a generator. Your generator price could be expensive depending on how long your lease is? Your one week price could range from $7,500- $15,000 depending on gas prices and where you are located.

Next Steps To Get You Ready

If you are looking for more information to get you ready for your mobile MRI rental. Download our mobile MRI site planning guide to help prepare for your next mobile rental.

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