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The KMG Mobile MRI Site Planning Guide

As you prepare for your next mobile mri system, our mri site planning guide will give you the information needed to create a smooth transition. You will find information such as system layouts, power requirements, pad requirements and more. Our goal at KMG is to make sure you are completely prepared prior to arrival.

Power Requirements

Power Source

One of the biggest issues that hospitals and imaging centers run into is not having the correct power for the mobile system. To start, the mobile is usually connect into a Russellstoll connection. That connection a majority of the time will need to be 480V 150A. Without the correct power and phasing, our mobile systems will not be able to power up and start the set-up process. One of the ways we are able to limit problems on the delivery day, is requiring a site electrician to be onsite during arrival.

Pad Requirements

The best way to make sure the mobile system is level and ready for arrival is having a mobile pad!  We recommend using the dimensions 52’-5” x 10’-11 if you are creating a pad before arrival. Whether you have a pad or not, making sure that the pad is easily accessible for the driver is a major request. If you are setting the unit on asphalt, we recommend finding the flattest surface possible. Surfaces that have major declines/inclines create issues as the trailer is being set up. If there is a major issue with your location, please make sure to bring it up with your representative prior to arrival.

MRI Data and Phone Lines

Each system has multiple data ports and a phone line to connect the system to your PACS, Worklists, and more. These data ports are run through the system and connected to your CAT5 port usually near your power source. Prior to the mobile arrival, it is smart to make sure the ports are active so set up day is smooth.

Download MRI Site Planning Guide Today

If you are ready to look at a site planning guide and would like to download one today. Click the site planning guide download below and prepare for your next mobile need!

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