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Three Reasons to Consider Adding Mobile MRI Syatem to Your Hospital

Three Reasons To Think Mobile MRI System

Everybody likes a good investment. How do you know if a mobile MRI system is the way to go? This decision has a lot to do with your hospital’s individual situation, but it’s important to understand why a mobile mri unit would work for you: logistically and financially.

1. Mobile MRI Systems offer Convenience and Flexibility

Let’s start with the greatest “pro”: mobile MRI systems provide healthcare to patients that otherwise could be deprived of this medical technology. Whether it is due to location, population size, or cost. A mobile mri can adopt a rotating schedule, moving between locations according to patient volume and need, and allowing providers to efficiently schedule scans for their time with the MRI. Often times, a mobile MRI unit is called in as a backup when a fixed unit undergoes maintenance or renovation. Lastly, a mobile is a great option when it comes to alleviating patient backlog.

2. Lower Fixed Costs

In many cases, adding a full in-house MRI suite is unnecessary or exceeds the budget. This makes a mobile MRI system a great option. It offers less expensive installation costs and less installation time, getting you scanning sooner. In addition, sharing the mobile unit between sites reduces costs even more.

3. Potential Source of Increased Revenue

Despite the increase in variable costs, sharing a mobile mri system can multiply the opportunity for revenue. Simply by coordinating scan schedules, a group of providers can all reap the benefits of a mobile MRI. The variable costs will be split or covered via a standard payment to the owner location. Multiple revenues certainly justify the purchase and costs.

Is a mobile MRI system worth it for me?

If you are considering adding MRI service to your hospital or perhaps shopping for a new mobile provider, whether fixed or mobile, KMG can help you make the best choice for your situation. We consult with your radiology department to determine the perfect fit, and work with you every step of the way, to ensure your MRI is just right for you. Contact Kimberly Jacobs, today; we’d love to start a conversation.

At KMG, we understand that responsiveness is key to top-notch service. Talk to Eric Evans, National Sales Executive at KMG today, if you feel the responsiveness of your current medical imaging provider could use a little maintenance.

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