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Top 5 Ways KMG’s Turnkey Medical Imaging Solutions Can Help You

Efficiency, Excellence, and Expertise – Your Mobile, Interim Mobile and Fixed Base Turnkey Medical Imaging Partner Amid the dynamic landscape of healthcare, medical facilities like hospitals and imaging centers regularly encounter a host of obstacles that impede their effectiveness and financial success. These challenges include: patient backlog, fragmented care, and unmet returns on investments (ROI), […]

Mobile MRI: Siemens Espree 18 CH

If you are looking for a Mobile MRI Siemens Espree that will take care of your imaging needs, you need to call KMG. Our 18 Channel Siemens Espree MRI is a high field large bore mobile solution that can be ready at a moments notice. It has a 70cm bore that is large enough for […]

How to Measure the Value Add of Mobile Imaging

The increased demand for accessibility and efficiencies in the healthcare space continues to drive patients and providers towards exploring new options. When it comes specifically to imaging, mobile imaging solutions are emerging as transformative tools, offering a level of flexibility and convenience that traditional imaging setups struggle to match. In this comprehensive exploration, we’ll delve […]

MRI Mobility Solutions for Critical Access Hospitals

When you think about the foundational model that helps organizations like KMG provide top-notch value to partner medical imaging providers, all roads lead back to Rome. Or in this case, the ability to provide a mobile option for hospital systems, veterinary clinics, and many more in the healthcare space. Mobility, while a significant factor to […]

Bridging the Gap: Solving Workforce Shortages in Medical Imaging

In the world of modern healthcare, medical imaging plays a crucial role. It helps doctors make precise and quick diagnoses, guiding how patients are treated. But behind the scenes, there’s a growing problem that requires attention: a shortage of healthcare professionals who specialize in medical imaging. This shortage affects how patients receive care and access […]

Patient Backlog Issues in Medical Imaging: Disrupting Continuity of Care

Continuity of care is a cornerstone that holds the entire patient experience together. It ensures that individuals receive consistent and uninterrupted care, from initial diagnosis to treatment and follow-up. The implications of disrupting this experience can result in a dire set of consequences for providers unable to keep up with the growing demands of the […]

Balancing Act: How Patient Backlogs Directly Influence ROI in Medical Imaging

The convergence of healthcare accessibility and technological advancements has ushered in an era of unprecedented medical sophistication. However, lurking within medical imaging facilities is an often underestimated adversary – patient backlogs. Beyond their inconvenience to patients, patient backlogs have far-reaching repercussions that impact the financial well-being and long-term viability of healthcare institutions, including a direct […]

Overcoming the Patient Backlog Challenge in Medical Imaging

In an ever-evolving healthcare landscape, hospitals and imaging centers hold a pivotal role in delivering timely and precise medical services. They are the front lines in diagnosing and monitoring diseases, guiding treatment decisions, and ultimately improving patient outcomes. However, they are not without their own set of challenges, and one that has grown increasingly critical […]


Established sales professional joins national mobile imaging solutions provider RICHFIELD, OH – [September 1, 2023] – KMG, a leading provider of integrated imaging solutions, today announces that it has hired Abby Klockmann to join its team as the new National Sales Executive.  In her new role, she will be responsible for nurturing existing customer relationships […]


Former COO joins national mobile imaging solutions provider to head up operations division RICHFIELD, OH – [August 28, 2023] – KMG, a leading provider of integrated medical imaging solutions, announces that industry experienced Jennifer Kovacs, has joined the team as Operations Manager. As the new operations lead, Kovacs will manage day-to-day operations and support all […]

ICE2023: KMG’s Top 6 Takeaways

The Imaging Conference and Expo 2023 (aka ICE2023) has come and gone. We got to see 440 of our favorite imaging directors, radiology administrators, imaging technologists and engineers, industry friends and the best imaging DJ a trade show could ever ask for: Lars Aagaard – if you don’t know him, you should. The Renaissance Nashville […]

Mobile Safe Gurneys & Wheelchairs

Siemens Avanto Control Room

As you are planning for your MRI or CT upgrade, there are many things to touch on prior to delivery such as mobile safe gurneys and wheelchairs. One way to help prepare is by downloading our mobile interim site planning guide. This will help you on your way to an interim mobile victory! System Spec […]

Time for a Change: The KMG Difference

Feeling Stuck When you think of your future, you typically picture yourself in a career where you are happy and thriving. In my previous career, I found myself stuck. I was fearful to leave a company that I had been with for nearly 7 years of my life since I didn’t really know anything different […]

Mobile Imaging: Mobile Pad Location & Planning

Mobile System Planning

There are two important things that need to be considered when planning for a mobile system: Is there a large enough pad and is this an accessible area for the mobile? In this blog, we will dive into how to ensure a smooth process to get you up and running. Dimensions of Pad Dimensions of […]

Mobile Imaging: Importance of The Russellstoll Connection


               The Russellstoll connection is a very important part of making the delivery or set up smooth when leasing a Mobile MRI or Mobile CT. It is critical for the mobile system to have power upon arrival and not having this can create issues and a longer day for you and your staff. Today we […]

Mobile CT: Siemens Sensation 64

A 64-slice Siemens Sensation is one of the most popular CT units in the imaging industry. KMG has a large mobile fleet with multiple Siemens units to choose from. This specific mobile CT is a 64 slice Siemens Sensation, with top of the line software and ancillary equipment. All of KMG’s mobile CT units are […]

Mobile MRI: Siemens Espree 18 CH

Mobile MRI Siemens

If you are looking for a mobile MRI Siemens Espree to help expand your imaging capabilities, this is it. Our 18 Channel mobile MRI Siemens Espree is a wide bore mobile solution that can be ready at a moments notice. It has a 70cm bore that allows for larger or claustrophobic patients. The mobile MRI […]

Mobile CT: Siemens Sensation 64 Slice

Siemens Sensation Mobile CT Medical Coach

If you are looking for a Siemens Sensation for your imaging center, get in touch with KMG. Our 64 slice Siemens Sensation CT is an ideal mobile solution for every facility! This beautifully designed mobile CT is newly renovated with updated floors, walls, decor, and software system. The Siemens Sensation is one of the most popular […]

Mobile MRI: Siemens Symphony 8 CH

mobile mri long term lease

If you are looking for a mobile Siemens Symphony for your imaging center, get in touch with KMG. Our 8 Channel Siemens Symphony MRI is a cost effective mobile solution that is great for routine clinical use. With a patient-friendly design, the mobile MRI will come with a full service contract, coil package listed below […]

Mobile MRI: Siemens Espree 32 CH

Siemens Espree 32 CH

If you are looking for a Mobile MRI Siemens Espree 32 CH that will take care of your imaging needs, you need to call KMG. Our 32 Channel Siemens Espree MRI is a wide bore mobile solution that can be ready at a moments notice. It has a 70cm bore that allows for larger or […]