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Established sales professional joins national mobile imaging solutions provider RICHFIELD, OH – [September 1, 2023] – KMG, a leading provider of integrated imaging solutions, today announces that it has hired Abby Klockmann to join its team as the new National Sales Executive.  In her new role, she will be responsible for nurturing existing customer relationships […]


Former COO joins national mobile imaging solutions provider to head up operations division RICHFIELD, OH – [August 28, 2023] – KMG, a leading provider of integrated medical imaging solutions, announces that industry experienced Jennifer Kovacs, has joined the team as Operations Manager. As the new operations lead, Kovacs will manage day-to-day operations and support all […]

Top 5 Ways KMG’s Turnkey Medical Imaging Solutions Can Help You

Efficiency, Excellence, and Expertise – Your Mobile, Interim Mobile and Fixed Base Turnkey Medical Imaging Partner Amid the dynamic landscape of healthcare, medical facilities like hospitals and imaging centers regularly encounter a host of obstacles that impede their effectiveness and financial success. These challenges include: patient backlog, fragmented care, and unmet returns on investments (ROI), […]

Mobile Safe Gurneys & Wheelchairs

Siemens Avanto Control Room

As you are planning for your MRI or CT upgrade, there are many things to touch on prior to delivery such as mobile safe gurneys and wheelchairs. One way to help prepare is by downloading our mobile interim site planning guide. This will help you on your way to an interim mobile victory! System Spec […]

Time for a Change: The KMG Difference

Feeling Stuck When you think of your future, you typically picture yourself in a career where you are happy and thriving. In my previous career, I found myself stuck. I was fearful to leave a company that I had been with for nearly 7 years of my life since I didn’t really know anything different […]

Mobile Imaging: Mobile Pad Location & Planning

Mobile System Planning

There are two important things that need to be considered when planning for a mobile system: Is there a large enough pad and is this an accessible area for the mobile? In this blog, we will dive into how to ensure a smooth process to get you up and running. Dimensions of Pad Dimensions of […]

MRI Advantages 1.5T Vs. 3T MRI: One Size Does Not Fit All

mri base solutions

Looking at MRI advantages and determining which MRI equipment is the best choice for your hospital or imaging center can be a complex undertaking. Advances in MRI technology have drastically improved imaging quality, speed and safety. But is a faster MRI better, and at what cost? 3T MRIs typically cost twice as much as 1.5T […]

Lease a Mobile Siemens Espree 8CH

MRI Siemens Espree Parked Mobile

If you are looking for a mobile Siemens Espree that will take care of your imaging needs, you need to call KMG. Our 8 Channel Siemens Espree Mobile MRI is a wide-bore solution that can be ready at a moments notice. The mobile will come with a full service contract, coil package listed below and […]

Why Mobile Imaging? 5 Reasons to Rent a Mobile CT or MRI

Mobile CT Rental Cost

Have you considered utilizing a mobile CT or MRI in the past? Now may be a better time than ever! Check out 5 reasons why it makes sense to rent a mobile CT or MRI at your facility. 5 Reasons 1. Flexibility Purchasing an MRI or CT is a monumental decision. When purchasing a system […]

Dog Days of Summer: Penny

Animal Health Medical Imaging Medium Dog

Hi! My name is Penny and welcome to the Dog Days of Summer hosted by Kings Medical Group. KMG loves their pups, so much so, they provide animal scans MRI and CT systems to hospitals and veterinarian clinics so we can stay healthy. Enough about them though.. let me tell you about me! Who is […]

Delta Airlines: Why I Choose To Fly Delta!

Medical Imaging Preferred Travel

As a sales representative, I am always flying around the country visiting hospitals and setting up our mobile imaging systems. During a recent trip to OKC, I was able to sit back and think about one of the essential business partners, “Delta Airlines” that help me do my job. Over the past 6 years, I […]

Dog Days of Summer: Life Of Lou!

Animal MRI Lease

Woof! Hello everyone and welcome to Dog Days of Summer. My name is Lou Lou Potatoes. A little ridiculous I know. I have A.D.D. so there is a strong chance I will get distracted as I tell you about the Life of Lou! You may think I look like a Tiger as you see my […]

Transitioning from Mobile Imaging Route to Fixed Mobile

Mobile MRI and Mobile CT Fleet

Do you currently have mobile service that is 1 or 2 days per week? Would you like to have a fixed mobile imaging system for your everyday use? Why Fixed Mobile? Most mobile routes are great ways to get your feet wet but limit you when issues arise. Do you constantly deal with down days […]

A Strong Team That Will Fight For You!

Medical Imaging Equipment Providers KMG Team

Our Strong Team is Our Family! Whether it was hockey, baseball. golf or backyard wiffle ball, I always wanted to be on a strong team. A team that you would fight for (and even bleed for, when necessary). Moving into the work force, I wanted to be part of a team like that. A team […]

What To Do With An Old Imaging System?

Removal of Old MRI System

Are you ready to remove your old system and create your dream imaging suite? At KMG, we want to make your dreams come true. Our team is ready to help you create an affordable Fixed Imaging solution that makes you smile. But what do you do with your old imaging system? Our team is ready […]

Interim Imaging Can Help You!

Mobile Imaging Lease

As a mobile imaging provider, KMG wants to help you keep your patients in a comfortable state of mind. Interim imaging may be exactly what you need! We always look for ways to help hospitals, imaging centers and other facilities with mobile imaging units. Our fleet is designed to help give you options to pick […]