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Time for a Change: The KMG Difference

Feeling Stuck When you think of your future, you typically picture yourself in a career where you are happy and thriving. In my previous career, I found myself stuck. I was fearful to leave a company that I had been with for nearly 7 years of my life since I didn’t really know anything different […]

A Day in the Life: The KMG Family

Mobile MRI Lease Drop off

Three weeks ago, I started working with Kings Medical Group. Through my experience I am confident this is one of the greatest companies out there! KMG values commitment to customers, innovation, leadership and teamwork. Their goal is to help make a positive impact on the health of patients and help facilities improve their bottom line […]

A Strong Team That Will Fight For You!

Medical Imaging Equipment Providers KMG Team

Our Strong Team is Our Family! Whether it was hockey, baseball. golf or backyard wiffle ball, I always wanted to be on a strong team. A team that you would fight for (and even bleed for, when necessary). Moving into the work force, I wanted to be part of a team like that. A team […]