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buddy smile

Dog Days of Sumer: Buddy – E – Licious

Hi there and welcome to the Dog Days of Summer from KMG! My name is Buddy Jacobs and I am a 12-year old Australian Cattle Dog.  I was born here in the United States, but some people still say I have an accent.  I live in Fairlawn, OH which is about 30 minutes south of Cleveland. My younger brother is named Jefferson. He was named after my dad’s favorite kind of bourbon.  He’s a pink nose Pitbull, and I could go on and on about him, but this post is all about me!  I’m the handsome one on the left.

Buddy and jeffy


My favorite thing to do (other than herd sheep which is not very often) is catch a frisbee.  I love to play catch.  I will play until my tongue is dragging in the grass and my mom makes me “go cool down” as she says. 

Buddy Tongue

Buddy Activities

I also like to play soccer, bark at people for no reason, go for long walks, and treats!!!  I love treats!!!!  Sometimes, I will pretend like I have to go pee, and I will go outside and just stand there for a minute and then come back in, and my mom will give me a treat!!!   SHHHHHH!!!!  Don’t tell her!  I have her so fooled!  You can see my mom’s “treat closet” behind me in this picture.

Buddy sit

I have a lot of nicknames. Budman, Buddyman, Buddy – E – Licious, Buddy Boo, Boo Bear, BudBoo… uhhh…this is getting embarrassing. Moving on. 

Mom + Dad

My mom loves to take pictures of me.  Every time I am sleeping, I open my eyes to the back of her phone. It is really getting old.  Like how many pictures of me can she possibly need!  Does this picture make my nose look big?

Buddy nose

And now she and my dad are working remotely because of “how things are now a days” (not sure what that means but my parents say it all the time lately).   I love “how things are now a days” because I get to go outside any time I want, we are never home alone anymore, and….more treats!!!!   I just make her feel guilty for always working on her laptop instead of playing with us, and VOILA!!!!  I get treats! 

buddy stare

Thanks for reading about me!  I gotta go throw some shrimp on the barbie mate!!  Just kidding!!  I have to pee …wink wink.       

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