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Dog Days of Summer: Life Of Lou!

Woof! Hello everyone and welcome to Dog Days of Summer. My name is Lou Lou Potatoes. A little ridiculous I know. I have A.D.D. so there is a strong chance I will get distracted as I tell you about the Life of Lou! You may think I look like a Tiger as you see my cool stripes, and most days I would agree with you. They are pretty darn cool. The ladies love them. Since I was a little fella, they just can’t keep their paws off me! Squirrrel! Back to my stripes. I am a brindle boxer and I just turned 3 years old.

My Loving Family

Life of Lou: Family

My family is the best! We live in Minnesota where the summers are hot and the winters are cold. I have an older sister, Ivy, who is small like a squirrel but bites like a shark! We live in a house with lots of stairs that I push my toys down and drive momma crazy. Its probably because she is jealous that I have sooooo much fun with myself. She is the sweetest though! I never go a day without a Nice, Juicy, Peanut Butter Filled Bone! YUMMMMY! My dad and I love to play with my squeaky pig in the back yard. Man DO I LOVE THAT PIG!!!!

Travel Time

Life of Lou: Travel Time

I love my home but we are always going to new places to see new people. Boy, do I love people. Especially little kids. Their little paws are usually pretty tasty. Sometimes though, dad goes on trips without me and I get sad. My tummy usually gets nervous because I miss him so much and I make a mess. It makes mom really mad but I just can’t help it. I try and cuddle her to make up for it or bring her my pig. I think we both miss dad and can’t wait for him to get home!

Follow Me – Lou!

As you probably guessed, it took me a long time to type this with my paws. But I am grateful to share a bit about me during these crazy dog days of summer! Check out my instagram for more day in the life! You will not be dissappointed. For now.. Lou Lou Potatoes is signing off!

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