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Dog Days of Summer: Payton

Hi! My name is Payton and this is my edition of Dog Days of Summer. You can call me P, Pay, lil mama, or Payton Pennilope. That’s what my mom likes to call me when I’m bad.  I am what you would call a little… feisty. No other animal steps foot inside my palace without my permission. Afterall, I must protect my parents at all costs, and I am pretty sure all animals are trying to hurt them. But if you’re a human, come on in! I’ll give you all the kisses and snuggles!

Payton’s Family

There is one animal I let roam around my Kingdom. His name is Tucker. He lived here before I did, but now I run the show around here. We get along, for the most part. That is unless he tries to take the attention I rightfully deserve.

Mom and Dad just moved us into our new house. I am helping them with their projects! Mama really had a chuckle at this one…

Oh how I love to make messes!!!!

My Outfits Are On Point!

Mom loves to dress me up in different outfits. I am not always a fan of them… Yellow is not my color. I am more of a fire red type of gal! But I let it slide because I love mama sooooo much.

Payton…. Mother of 4

Did I mention that I am a new mother? I try to be just like mama and show them new things. They’re even starting to walk now! My babies can be very needy and want me to be with them at all times. Sometimes I just want a break to cuddle with my parents but then the babies start whining for me. That’s okay though, mama comes in and hangs out with all of us quite frequently. Tucker has tried to come in a time or two. Boy did I show him! He won’t make that mistake again.

Well, the babies are whining again. Gotta go!

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