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Dog Days of Summer: Penny

Hi! My name is Penny! I am a Maltese mix. I weigh about 15 pounds. I was named after the copper colored spot on my back, man my owners are really LUCKY to have me!

Who is Penny?

I am 8 years old. My mom keeps asking when I am going to grow out of my puppy phase, but I think I have a few years left in me. I love to play fetch and chase after squirrels!

My favorite humans!

For years I occupied my time lying in the sun and barking at every sound I hear (you know, I gotta make those mail carriers think there is a rottweiler behind the door!) Things changed a few years ago when my humans decided to have a couple kids, now we have a 4-year-old girl and a 1-year old boy. I love them and I am very protective of them, but let me tell you, they are exhausting! I am constantly cleaning up after them. I am especially close with the one-year old boy. Every time he’s in his highchair I will go over to supervise him and he hands me most of his food. Yea you could say he’s pretty cool. The 4-year-old girl loves to play dress up with me and have tea parties I don’t mind because she fills the teacup with my treats! They are a lot of work, but I think I’m doing a pretty good job raising them!


I was trying to help out around the house by cleaning off my mom and dad’s plates, they didn’t seem too happy about it…..

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