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Dog Days of Summer: Princess Ivy

My name is Princess Ivy, and welcome to the Dog Days of Summer! I am the cutest Yorkie that I know, and I know a lot of Yorkies. My mother tells me that I am the most beautiful pup in the world. They didn’t create the saying “Mother Knows Best” for nothing. Currently I live with my mother, father and my doofus fur brother in Minnesota. I rule this house and everyone knows it. My dad works for Kings Medical Group and I am the Queen.

Ivy the Bone Collector


If you didn’t know, my mom and I are quite the collectors. She likes to collect shoes and I like to collect bones. She has a secret hiding spot in the house and so do I. If I told you where I hid them, it wouldn’t be a secret so good luck hunting. Even my brother can’t find them. He gets mad because I always steal them from him. He may be big but I am meaner and faster.

Play Time

Every once in awhile I do get a quick urge to play with a sock. My favorite sock is this big red one that is fluffy and easy to sink my teeth into. My mother is the best playtime partner. Dad is learning but he just wants to cuddle! Once I am able to get the sock away from my momma, I really let it know whose boss. If you forgot, its ME! I run this house.

Not A Fan of Storms

There’s only one thing I am afraid of. At night sometimes there are some loud bangs and bright flashes. It sounds like the house is falling apart. It scares me. I am so glad I have my dad for a thunder buddy. I usually jump on his chest and then cuddle up by his neck. He keeps me safe until its all better. If dad isn’t home I get so scared, I pee in the corner. Mom gets mad, but I just can’t help it. If only I could sleep through the storms like mom. She usually is sawing logs right through the storm. OOOFta mom is a heavy sleeper!

Ivy storm

Work Time is My Time

Work Time

During the day, my dad is constantly on his little black toy. He talks into it all day and sometimes I deserve the attention. I bark and jump on him until he gives me some rubs and scratches. I hear him always talking about Interim MRI, Animal imaging systems, CT leasing, and new in-house imaging projects… What ever that stuff is! Any who, if you give him a call you most likely will hear me too. Contact him (and me) any time!

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