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woofgang & barkley

Dog Days of Summer: Woofgang and Barkley

Hi! Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer! My name is Woofgang.  I am the yellow one on the right.  The guy on my left is my half-brother Barkley.   Even though I am 6 months younger than my brother I do most of the talking around here.  That is just the way it has been since I arrived on the scene.  I like to talk a lot.  Hey, I figure I have to live up to my name, right?  Most of what I say has to do with letting everyone know when someone walks by my house.  We live in the city so that happens a lot!  Whereas my brother likes to sit and just watch people.. what an introvert. My brother and I really like to go outside in our back yard.  We have lots of friends out there, mostly squirrels.  When we go out, we run after them.  It is a blast!  Sometimes we catch up to them.  I cannot understand why they do not like to stay and play with us.

Partners In Crime

Barkley and I do everything together whether we are going on walks with mom and dad, or just hanging out.  What is that Barkley? Oh yeah, he says we eat together too (Barkley is never one to pass up a meal). On weekends we have been supervising the work my mom and dad who are rennovating our house.  They are fixing up the bedroom and mom even made nice beds for me and Barkley.

woofgang barkly help

Woofgang & Barkley Guard Dogs For Dad

For some reason Dad has been spending more time at home in his “office”.  Naturally, Barkley and I like to work with him.  Our job is to be the lookouts.  Dad says he cannot get anything done because we (mostly I) remind him, very often, about the squirrels and people passing by.

We Love Walks

I mentioned that we love to go on walks.  Once Barkley saw what he thought was another dog across the street that kind of looked like him.  It made Barkley a little nervous.  Dad encouraged us to go check it out.  I was cool with it but my brother….not so much.

Well I better get going.  I think it might be time for another walk.  Woof!

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