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Dog Days of Summer: Tiny but Mighty

Dog Days of Summer, featuring me, Tiny. It is definitely an appropriate name for me and I don’t really mind that my BFF gave it to me.  I am Tiny but Mighty. I weigh in at 5lbs which may make me seem like a pushover, but I can sure stand up tall. I keep my ears and tail raised, with a bark that lets everyone know I’m king of the household.  Well, not really, but I do my best to protect my family.  I am 8 years old and yes – I’m a Steelers fan!!

I can be annoying…

One thing I do that drives my mom nuts is starring at her.  No one can win against me in a starring contest.  No matter where my Mom goes, I stare at her.  She tells me I drive her nuts, but I know she loves me because she is the one who keeps my food and water dish full and gives me special treats!

Tiny but mighty staring
Everyone loves a good staring contest!

A word from my family…

The groomer tells us Tiny is her best client.  He gets very excited when he goes to visit her because there are soooo many other dog smells there – it makes him go crazy! Tiny is lucky that he has an Aunt that does not have any dogs but loves to pamper and care for other people’s dogs.  She takes good care of Tiny when we go away but when we pick him up, he always has a smile for us. 

Tiny but mighty smiles
Smiles for the camera!

Favorite things…

My favorite tiny but mighty thing to do is chase my stuffed blue whale when my BFF plays with me.  I growl like I am really upset with her for trying to get it from me, but it is really a love growl.  My blue whale goes everywhere with me.  When it is time to go to bed, we must find that whale no matter what!

One of my most favorite things to do is lay in the sun.  It feels so good to soak up that vitamin D.  I get so happy on sunny days when the curtain gets pulled back and I stretch out and soak up the rays.  It really is the epitome of the dog days of summer.

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