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Dog Days of Summer- Lizzy

Hi, my name is Lizzy.

They tell me I am a rottweiler, but I have not been able to get online and confirm that due to the lack of opposable thumbs. I live in a suburb of Cleveland Ohio and I spent most of my days either in this bed somebody hid behind a couch? or sitting out in the sun outside. I have this supposed issue with my ligaments(whatever those are) so I developed this technique where I lay on my back and sleep with my paws in the air. It seems to help with this whole ligament thing.

So, I know by breed I am supposed to be a total bad ass, but, as a result of my insane insecurities and desperate need to be petted nonstop by anybody who will lend a hand, foot, leg or whatever, I have softened up my demeanor. That being said, if you work for UPS, FEDEX or the Mail and you breach my perimeter, I will rush out to greet you at the property line and show you my teeth; I also have this really low growl which people tell me is scary??


My favorite movie of all time is Bolt. Most of my friends say it is fake and that you can see wires in many of the fight scenes. But, I know I poodle, that knew a schnauzer, who lived with a gardner in Los Angeles, that took care of the lawn at the home of some guy who works in the movie business. He overhead that guy telling his daughter that Bolt is totally true. So, there you have it…

I am a little unsettled with this whole “dogs lives matter” thing. I have met some pretty cool birds and cool chinkmucks that I would totally call “a good friend”. I mean, I wouldn’t eat their poop or anything. But, I would hang with them for a few hours.

So, My Dad has this business company that he said he does “servus” for Kings Medical on some of their Pet CT systems?? I like that because I am proud my Dad is helping cure Pets, which is totally cool. My Dad had a real good time during the Covid lockdown working from home. I can totally relate to how thirsty he would get around 3:00 every day. I would always see him and my mom on the deck drinking this drinks with Olives in them. It was funny because they started Covid having one of these drinks a day, then they started having two day. 

I think my Mom must be really well maintained because my Dad always calls her “high maintenance”. She is ‘Talian and comes from a really big, loud, but short family. She is always cooking for somebody, and she never gives me any. When she leaves the house, Dad totally hooks me up and gives me this stuff called chjikin? Last week, Dad threw a bunch of this stuff on the floor called Doritos and told me I could eat them..It was totally dope.

Buddy sit

There are also these other 2 people that live at our house that they call “kids”? There is a Boy one and a Girl one.. they are really nice and sweet. But, they do get yelled at a lot cuz I guess they are tweenagers and forget stuff and never help clean stuff up?? 

I would like to thank Kings Medical for coming up with this idea for dogs to have a voice. it is about time somebody allowed us to speak up..If anybody wants to come and see me, please do. I am over here.

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