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ICE2023: KMG’s Top 6 Takeaways

The Imaging Conference and Expo 2023 (aka ICE2023) has come and gone. We got to see 440 of our favorite imaging directors, radiology administrators, imaging technologists and engineers, industry friends and the best imaging DJ a trade show could ever ask for: Lars Aagaard – if you don’t know him, you should. The Renaissance Nashville didn’t disappoint either, large conference spaces, The Fig, good water pressure (am I right!?) and walking distance to Broadway.

Although it was a relatively short conference, we were able to hang out with our peers and friends and chat. There were many good, industry related conversations, and there were a few key topics that kept consistently bubbling up. We got to see (almost) everyone’s ladder golf game and we debated whether 3pm pizza is better than 2am pizza. Here’s our top 6 takeaways from ICE2023 we wanted to share:

TOP 6 Takeaways ICE2023

1. There are still many industry staffing struggles

  • Yes, KMG is also seeing the direct and indirect impact on all clinical operations.
  • This does impact patient wait times, delayed patient exam results and can impact operations.
  • To help alleviate this pain-point, we only offer ARRT certified clinical staff, so they represent your facility with professionalism and fit into your team’s culture.

2. Mobile Imaging continues to alleviate patient backlog

  • Mobile imaging continues to help facilities catch-up on their patient backlog which in-turn increases patient throughput and hospital ROI.
  • Many facilities are already looking to expand because of this option and KMG can provide leasing and financing options as well.

3. Proper and consistent tech education throughout the industry

  • Patient safety and comfort is a critical part of successful imaging. Educating technologists on how to scan patients with metallic tattoos and ceramic implants is key.  
  • KMG partners with Imaging Diversified and Nathan Smith to ensure our imaging customers are well versed on protocols and scanning with implants.  

4. Can you have a mobile imaging system when a fixed-base system is already on site

  • Short answer…yes.  Long answer…yes!!!
  • Basic requirements are a level concrete area and a power supply.
  • Check out KMG’s Mobile Site Planning Guide
  • And depending on what scanner you may have; it can help facilitate where to schedule patients and increase throughout. Example- all non-contrast studies on the mobile MRI.

5. Renaissance Nashville – Lobby Pizza

  • We’ve concluded that it’s THE BEST at 2AM!
  • Now, don’t get us wrong, the pizza was “good” at all times of the day/night… but after walking down to Broadway and spending time at those Honky Tonks, that 2AM pizza hit the spot. You with us!?

6. Your Ladder Golf skills were pretty bad (insert laughing emoji)

  • It wasn’t like we were asking you to rope a horse, just simply throw 3 bolos around 3 individual rungs.
  • However, there were some of you who showed off your ladder golf expertise: Earl Morris, Eric Masset, Tekia Chess, Brandon Doak, Sydney Kreig, Nicole Dhanraj.

In short, it was a great conference and we’re grateful that we got to spend a couple days and nights with all of you. And whether it’s a mobile MRI lease or in-house fixed base MRI upgrade, KMG is here to help make a positive impact on the health of your patients and bottom line.

We’d love to hear what some of your key takeaways were from ICE2023.

Hope to see all of you at AAOS in Las Vegas, March 7-10

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