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Siemens Sensation Mobile CT Medical Coach

Mobile CT: Siemens Sensation 64 Slice

If you are looking for a Siemens Sensation for your imaging center, get in touch with KMG. Our 64 slice Siemens Sensation CT is an ideal mobile solution for every facility! This beautifully designed mobile CT is newly renovated with updated floors, walls, decor, and software system. The Siemens Sensation is one of the most popular 64-slice scanners in the world today.


This Siemens Sensation mobile CT comes with VB42B Syngo, XR29 software and ICS Tower Data Acquisition System. It has cardiac imaging capabilities including Cardiac Pro, Cardiac Retro, CA score, and more.

Other Features

Ancillary Equipment

  • MEDRAD Stellant D Injector
  • Patient/Technologist Intercom & Sound System
  • (2) Ergonomic technologist chairs
  • Handwash Sink

Control Room

This Siemens Sensation Mobile CT comes with a spectacular control room equipped with the Siemens computer system, a large desk space, ergonomic chairs and stereo system for technologists.

Changing Area

It’s always nice to have a place for patients to change. With the new renovation, this mobile CT has a large patient-friendly changing and holding room. Newly designed with updated decor and furniture.

Mobile Coach

  • 8.5ft x 53ft Medical Coach
  • Dual side slide-outs
  • Patient Lift with flip-up awning & stairs
  • Fire alarm panel and smoke detectors
  • Fire Extinguishers

Our mobile CT Siemens Sensation is an excellent solution for any facility! Whether you need a short-term lease while upgrading the in-house scanner; or experiencing patient backlog and looking for a secondary solution, KMG is your medical imaging equipment provider!

Every facility has different needs, budgets and patient bases. We’ll work with you to determine what solutions are best for you and your operations.

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