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Mobile MRI Delivery: Importance of Early or Late Delivery Times

As you embark down the path of a new unit or an upgrade and land on a leasing company for your mobile MRI. Many questions usually arise about the delivery and the set-up process. Today we are going to focus on the importance of the delivery time. It may seem like such a simple piece to the puzzle, but it is a major piece is the smooth transition to leasing your new mobile unit.

3 Important Keys:

1. Time

  2. Space Blocked Off

  3. Facility Manager availability

Mobile MRI Delivery Explained

  1. Time of Day – The most common times for a mobile mri delivery are between 6-8AM in the morning the day of set up or 7-10PM the night before the set up. Whether it is a hospital or imaging center, traffic usually is at its worst in-between those times. By choosing a time that is less chaotic, our drivers will be-able to deliver and place the unit in a timely matter.
  2. Space Blocked Off– Your KMG account executive will usually remind you to block off the path to your parking location, as well as the surround areas of your pad/parking spot. Doing this will help limit the delay of moving unaccompanied vehicles during delivery. If a vehicle is blocking the way to the pad or the pad itself, you may be delayed for countless hours.
  3. Facility Manager Availability– When issues happen, it is great to have a problem solver from the facility onsite. Whether is has to do with power, parking location or a car in the way, having a member from your team to help fix the situation is always a plus. I would always recommend having your facility manager on site for the arrival of the mobile imaging system.

Smooth Transition is Key

If you can follow these three simple keys to success, your transition to our mobile MRI or CT will be a breeze. Our team will take care of the rest. We want you to feel calm and relaxed during the arrival and know that your patients will be taken care of in our mobile. If you are interested in what takes place during the mobile set up day, fill out our contact us page or head to our what to expect during mobile delivery day

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