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Mobile MRI and Mobile CT Fleet

Mobile MRI Near Me?

As you start to look for a Mobile MRI, you may wonder how far is it away? Is there an engineer that is close by to take care of issues if it breaks down? If I have an emergent need, how long will it take to get here and set up? As you keep reading, you will find the answers to these questions along with some helpful tips and info as you choose a Mobile MRI provider near you.

How Far is the Mobile MRI away?

When preparing to find a mobile mri to lease during your MRI project. You have probably reached out and found 1 or 2 mobile companies. Hopefully one of those is Kings Medical Group. One of the “big” costs that go into leasing a mobile is your one-time transportation fee. This cost is based on the distance traveled from its current location to your facility. Generally, the mobile is coming from a storage lot but it can come from a previous customer. The further away the higher the cost.

Mobile MRI Service Near Me

During the lease, whether you have OEM or Third Party service, a field service engineer will be designated during entirety of your lease. The engineer is usually onsite during the delivery to become familiar with the site and help set up the unit. Engineers are usually within 4 hours of the location to help minimize downtime and to be onsite for any major issues.

Delivery Time Frame

In some cases, you may need a quick turn around for emergency situations. This could be for a down system, backlog build up or even COVID-19. The depending factors are the type of system you need, driver availability and where the unit is located. The time and price for the delivery goes up the further away the unit is from your location. As soon as a contract is signed and a driver is available, the unit can be on its way to your facility. KMG partners with companies like JDS, Kelly Mobile and DelMed to transport our systems. The time frame for delivery can be anywhere from 24-72 hours. Once delivered, the unit takes about 8-12 hours to fully set up and get ready for patients. Total, you should expect 2 days before your first patient is on the table.

Lease A Mobile Today

KMG Mobile MRI

Our mobile mri fleet contains systems from multiple OEM’s new and old. If you are interested in leasing a mobile mri, give us a call or fill out the interim leasing form. At KMG we pride ourselves on delivering clean and top-end mobile units in timely fashion.

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