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MRI Upgrade: What To Do With Your Old MRI?

Overtime, imaging equipment begins to age and evetually you will need a MRI upgrade. As you start the replacement process you may seek out help from an OEM directly (Siemens, Phillips, GE) or look at working with a third party company. As an imaging provider, KMG can help you through the whole process. From construction, design, equipment selection, installation, and equipment removal. Our team is very familiar with removing/selling your old imaging systems and wanted to share a bit about the removal process below!

Steps for an MRI Upgrade:

  1. Planning Your Removal
  2. Selling Your Imaging System
  3. Removing your MRI

Planning Your Unit Removal

Some of you have had your imaging systems for over ten years. A lot can happen in that time. You may have added new additions around your imaging suite. Your MRI could have been built 10+ years ago in the middle of your hospital with no immediate way out. What ever or how ever your system is placed, our operations and service team will help plan a way to remove it. This process may result in doors, wall, ceilings, window and more removed. We will put together a step by step to help remove the unit.

Selling Your MRI System

The first thing to figure out is what your system is worth. Whether you are selling it to KMG or the OEM, we want you to be treated fairly. As you could expect, the older the system, the less it is worth.  If the unit is in tip top shape and is a commonly requested system in the mobile industry. We may be  purchase the system out right to place in our mobiles. 

Removing Your Old MRI

During the removal, you must plan for the unexpected. Your radiology suite may be a bit of zoo depending on how the system is removed. A team of imaging professionals will come in and de-magnetize your MRI system, getting it ready for removal. Construction teams will remove walls/windows and more if needed. This can take a few weeks depending on the amount of work needed to remove the MRI. Using the plan we created for you prior to removal, our goal is to keep you moving forward with your regular work day.

Start the Process With KMG

Interested in starting your removal or fixed imaging solution with KMG? Fill out the information below and we will be in touch ASAP! Our team is ready to help you with your MRI upgrade need today!

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