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Secure A Mobile MRI

How to Rent a Mobile MRI?

As you are getting closer to the removal of your old MRI system, you want to make sure to rent a mobile mri system during the interim period. In this quick blog you will understand why and how to renta a mobile MRI for your next project.

Rent a Mobile MRI: How To Begin

Renting a Mobile MRI can be very easy. We recommend having tentative start and finish dates for your project. Once you are ready and know the system you need, it is as simple as reaching out to a KMG sales rep to discuss the unit and term. Our sales team will get you a contract within 24-48 hours so that you can go over the details and get the proper signatures. As soon as you have signed the agreement. The KMG team will mark you down on the schedule, secure the unit and set up a pre-delivery call!

site planning guide

Why is Time Important?

It is important to secure a mobile system as soon you as you have budget approval and system removal dates. This will give you more system options to choose from. Having these options will help secure a mobile mri that is the same or very similar to your current system. The longer you wait to rent a unit, the less of a chance you have to get the one needed.

Planning Stage: What’s Next!

Once you have secured a mobile mri system. You will want to start making sure you have the proper space and power for the system. We have created this easy MRI Site Planning Guide for you to download and make planning easy! If you have any questions with this guide or the mobile mri rental expereice, please give us a call!

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